I'm A Celebrity: Ant and Dec ignore Chris Ramsey, but "technical issues" were to blame

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I'm A Celebrity: Ant and Dec may have appeared to ignore Chris Ramsey at the end of last night's episode of the show, but it wasn't on purpose and instead down to a few "technical issues"...

Fans were left confused as Tuesday's episode (22 November) of I'm A Celeb came to a close, as Ant and Dec were left staring blankly down the camera and mumbling to themselves.

Chris had just done his link to I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp, but it appeared to go unnoticed by Ant and Dec. What happened?!

Chris Ramsey, I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp, ITV
22 November


Ant and Dec, I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp, ITV
22 November


Viewers were left none the wiser as the credits rolled, but Ant and Dec explained it all when they dropped by the Extra Camp set.

Dec quickly told Chris that he and Ant "didn't mean to ignore" him, while Ant said: "That was all a bit weird at the end there, wasn't it? We thought [the camera] stayed on you, then apparently it was back on us. What happened?"

Chris responded: "Honestly, you threw me. I spoke and I heard Dec go, 'He's gone.'" Chris then joked: "I thought, 'I've been sacked. That's it.' It's that quick... he's gone. I'll get [my] coat."

Chris had Ant and Dec in a fit of giggles before Ant said: "[There were] a few technical issues down there."

Dec then poked fun at the situation and added: "We didn't mean to end the show like that," and posed open-mouthed and looking slightly baffled.

"Sorry about that," he told the panel.

Ant and Dec, I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp, ITV
22 November


Viewers had taken to Twitter to comment on I'm A Celeb's awkward ending, with many finding it pretty funny to watch and others still declaring their love for Ant and Dec despite the hiccup.

Oh the perils of live TV, eh?!

One user said: "That awks end to im a celeb where ant & dec didn't know if they was on air or not (sic)." Another tweeted: "That's why we luv Ant & Dec, even when its wrong it's right, live TV, brilliant #imacelebrity #imaceleb @antanddec (sic)."

On last night's episode of I'm A Celebrity fans saw Danny Baker and Adam Thomas take on the latest bushtucker trial, Cage Rage. Adam came face-to-face with spiders yet again, but he and Danny managed to successfully win themselves twelve stars and everyone a meal in camp.

For the next trial, all 12 campmates will be going head-to-head in Claim of Thrones. Four winning housemates will find themselves living like royalty in Snake Rock and immune from the first public vote, while the others will be forced to live on basic rations.

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