Jeremy McConnell attends movie premiere in Ireland... after pregnant Steph Davis recalls hospital scare

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He's been keeping a low profile for a good few months now, but Jeremy McConnell was back in the spotlight on Tuesday night when he attended a movie premiere in Dublin.

Irish premiere of 'Allied' at the Savoy Cinema
Jeremy McConnell and Bianca Lynch


The model and Celebrity Big Brother star walked the red carpet at the Irish premiere of Brad Pitt's new movie Allied at the Savoy Cinema.

(Sadly, Brad wasn't there!)

Jez looked super happy as he cosied up to fellow guests including model Bianca Lynch and The Apprentice candidate Dillon St. Paul.

Irish premiere of 'Allied' at the Savoy Cinema
Jeremy McConnell and Bianca Lynch


Irish premiere of 'Allied' at the Savoy Cinema
Jeremy McConnell and Bianca Lynch


Irish premiere of 'Allied' at the Savoy Cinema
Jeremy McConnell and Bianca Lynch


The 26-year-old has had a pretty dramatic 2016 to say the least: he started the year as a relative unknown to many people before landing a spot on January's series of Celebrity Big Brother.

He then became a household name thanks to his flirtatious relationship with CBB housemate Stephanie Davis, who was controversially in a relationship with model Sam Reece at the time.

Once the show ended, Steph and Sam split and she began dating Jeremy, but it was a rocky relationship with multiple public splits and reunions before they parted ways for good in May.

Then Stephanie dropped a bombshell: she is pregnant.

CBB - day 23. Steph and Jeremy are picked to go to the toxic clinic.

© Channel 5

Jeremy and Stephanie date night.
11 April 2016.

© Twitter / @Stephdavis77

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis confirm romance is back on
23 February 2016

© Twitter

Jeremy has questioned whether he is really the baby's father and has requested a DNA test once the child is born. Stephanie, however, has remained adamant that he's the dad.

While Stephanie has rarely been out of the limelight since, keeping fans updated on her pregnancy via a magazine blog and appearances on the likes of Loose Women, we haven't really heard much from Jeremy.

He did break his silence earlier this month, however, to tell The Mirror he was still keen to get a DNA test, adding: "I will never be getting back with her, to clarify what I've said for months."

Stephanie Davis on Loose Women, 2016


Stephanie, meanwhile, is just out of hospital after experiencing agonising stomach pain and bleeding from the back passage.

She told Loose Women last week: "I was panicking and the pain was so bad I was vomiting and seeing black dots. My mum came to the toilet with me. When I got to the top of the pain I felt a release and mum was looking to make sure everything was okay, and saw loads of blood come out. She started panicking. It was from the back passage.

"The pain was really bad so I ended up going to hospital and I'm still waiting for the results. They took me right up to the delivery ward because the pain was so bad. The vomiting was pushing everything down there, water came out.

"I lost so much blood [I nearly needed a blood transfusion.] My blood pressure was really low, my white blood cells really high, everything was showing something wrong.

"They think I have colitis that flares up every now and then. But I'm not sure yet, I'm waiting on other results. I'm booked in to have a camera that way... and I've just had some more tests done so I'm waiting on results."

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