Pregnant Stephanie Davis nearly needed a blood transfusion after waking up in agony

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Pregnant Stephanie Davis opened up on Thursday's episode of Loose Women about her recent hospitalisation and how she nearly needed a blood transfusion.

The former Hollyoaks actress, 24, spent two weeks being treated after waking up in the middle of the night in complete agony, fearing something could be wrong with her unborn child.

Stephanie Davis on Loose Women, 2016


Stephanie explained to the panel she'd enjoyed a girls' night in with her mum and had gone to bed, only to awake at around 4am with "the worst pains ever."

"I have a good pain threshold but the pains started getting really bad to the point I said, 'Mum, you'll have to knock me out. I can't take this.' I was panicking and the pain was so bad I was vomiting and seeing black dots.

"My mum came to the toilet with me. When I got to the top of the pain I felt a release and mum was looking to make sure everything was okay, and saw loads of blood come out. She started panicking. It was from the back passage.

"The pain was really bad so I ended up going to hospital and I'm still waiting for the results. They took me right up to the delivery ward because the pain was so bad. The vomiting was pushing everything down there, water came out.

"I lost so much blood [I nearly needed a blood transfusion.]

"My blood pressure was really low, my white blood cells really high, everything was showing something wrong.

"They think I have colitis that flares up every now and then. But I'm not sure yet, I'm waiting on other results. I'm booked in to have a camera that way... and I've just had some more tests done so I'm waiting on results."

Stephanie Davis on Loose Women, 2016


Stephanie added that she and her unborn son are absolutely fine, but added: "I still don't feel great, I don't feel 100 per cent."

During her appearance on Loose Women, actress Stephanie also revealed she's writing her first autobiography called Sincere. Ooh, exciting!

Steph is due to give birth early next year.

She says her son's dad is Irish model Jeremy McConnell, whom Stephanie met in the Celebrity Big Brother house in January.

Steph and Jeremy had a notoriously rocky relationship that came to an end that May, shortly before Stephanie announced her pregnancy. Jeremy initially questioned whether he was the father, before saying he'd undergo a DNA test after the birth. Stephanie has always insisted Jez is the dad.

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