Geordie Shore: Scotty T LEAVES the series after damaging his hand in Kavos

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Geordie Shore: Scotty T LEAVES the series after hurting his hand while partying in Kavos.

In the next episode of the show, fans will have to bid goodbye to another of our Geordie faves, after Scott has a bit of an accident. He hurts his hand when the gang hit Kavos, and after getting all plastered up, Scott decides to head home and get his hand treated properly.

"I didn't want to go at all, but it's time for Scotty T to check out of Kavos," he says.

Geordie Shore: Scotty T leaves the series
11 November


We're not entirely sure what happens for Scott to damage his hand, but in a new video shared by MTV, the reality star is saying his goodbyes before jetting home.

He tells the camera: "Even though Greece's finest doc has put this on my arm, I still think it's time to get back to the 'Toon and get it sorted out - because there's no way I'm running around Kavos trying to f**ger birds with that f**king bad boy."

Err, lovely Scott. Lovely.

Scott then adds: "Au re - f**king - voir."

Geordie Shore: Scotty T leaves the series
11 November


Fans may have predicted his exit, however, as news of Scott's injury first surfaced back in June when filming was taking a place. Reports claimed Scott had hurt his arm during a night out, with a source telling The Sun: "Scotty T had an unfortunate fall... he hit the ground so hard his arm snapped. He's been told to go easy, but there's no stopping him."

At the time, MTV declined to comment and Scott made no mention of the injury on social media.

He's not the first Geordie Shore star to bow out of the series, as viewers recently saw Aaron Chalmers head back to Newcastle.

Aaron decided to leave after clashing with Marnie Simpson over their relationship. He had asked Marnie to be his girlfriend, but the couple soon fell out and found themselves ignoring each other.

Aaron Chalmers and Nathan Henry, Geordie Shore
4 November


Aaron had been angry at Marnie for kissing Chloe when she was drunk, after he asked her not to, and later found out from Nathan that Marnie hadn't yet told him she is bisexual. He then asked whether Marnie kissing Chloe could be considered 'cheating' and when Nathan suggested it was, Aaron told him he was "done" with Marnie.

He decided to pack his bags and go, saying on his exit: "I haven't got a problem with Marnie's sexuality. I just wished she told us about it," he said. "I'm really f**ked off that she kissed Chloe because that is basically cheating. My head is all over the place."

Geordie Shore continues Tuesday 15 November at 10pm on MTV.

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