John Lewis unveil Christmas advert for 2016 and we're smiling instead of crying

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It's OFFICIALLY Christmas. John Lewis has released its Christmas advert for 2016 meaning the festive countdown is now in full swing, and this time round their efforts have got us smiling instead of getting all teary-eyed.

Only thing is, it seems some people are missing the waterworks this year! After all, nothing says Christmas like weeping your heart out to a cute clip on TV.

For 2016, a boxer dog named Buster is the star and all he wants to do is bounce. He gets a little envious when the little girl in his family is bouncing around the garden on her space hopper and things get slightly emotional when Buster sees a slew of animals, a couple of foxes, a pretty cute badger, a squirrel and a teeny hedgehog, all testing out the trampoline that has been put together in the garden as a Christmas gift.

Locked in the house he can't go out to join them, and those puppy dog eyes are enough to melt anyone's heart.

While Buster getting left out could be enough to set you off, the ad then switches to Christmas morning and the little girl getting oh-so-excited about her trampoline. But, as she prepares to test it out for the first time, you can imagine who beats her to it... and that leaves everyone a little shocked and us viewers giggling away.

John Lewis Christmas advert 2016

© YouTube / John Lewis

John Lewis Christmas advert 2016

© YouTube / John Lewis

Heart-warming? Check.

Cute? Check.

A soundtrack to give you all the feels? Check.

Buster the Boxer ticks off most of the usual must-haves of a John Lewis ad, but it's not quite the tear-jerker that Man On The Moon and Monty The Penguin were. And it turns out we all love having a bit of a cry, as Twitter seemed slightly divided on this year's offering.

Those for it...

Those not so convinced...

That being said, we're pretty sure we won't get bored of seeing this face anytime soon.

John Lewis Christmas advert, 2016

© YouTube / John Lewis

'Scuse us while we hit play... just one more time.

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