TOWIE's Chris Clark gives brother Jon a telling off for *that* tweet about Amber Dowding

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TOWIE's Chris Clark has told brother Jon to avoid tweeting any more references to his rocky relationship with Amber Dowding.

TOWIE's Jon and Chris Clark talk at Bonfire Night
6 November 216



TOWIE's Jon and Chris Clark talk at Bonfire Night
6 November 216



After last week's episode, Jon had taken to Twitter with a message that read: "Right bro @ChrisJClark_ it's time to…. Move the f**k on."


Amber was, obviously, not too happy about it, especially because she felt she'd cleared the air with Jon when they met in a previous episode, so to see that tweet was a bit of a kick in the teeth. "Fair enough you want your brother to not be moping around but to do that..."

TOWIE's Amber talks about Jon's tweet
6 November 216


Amber tells the girls about Jon's tweet.

Chris, meanwhile, told Jon that although he appreciated his brother's support and advice, sometimes it was best to keep it to himself.

"You need to stop tweeting and s**t," said Chris with a smile. "I appreciate your opinion, man, but you need to drop it out, tweeting and stuff, saying 'move the f**k on' and stuff. It doesn't help the situation whatsoever. I know that's how you feel, but sometimes just keep it to yourself, alright?"

Chris and Amber's six-month relationship ended recently when she accused Chris of not being supportive enough while her family goes through a difficult time.

Chris then tried to win her back by saying how much he loved and missed her, but Amber suggested it was too little, too late and she needed space.

TOWIE's Amber Dowding and Chris Clark talk
6 November 2016


Chris and Amber had an awkward meeting on Sunday night.

However, in the latest episode Chris said he was confused because Amber said she needed space, but then phoned him and told him how much she cared about him still.

He told the boys: "I'm trying to move on with my life, then I get phone calls like that its hard to … I feel like I take two steps forward one step back. I can't let it carry on because I look like an idiot."

Amber, however, said she'd done nothing wrong and it was Chris' actions in the first place that left her feeling how she does.

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex on Wednesday at 10pm on ITVBe.

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