Geordie Shore: Nathan Henry ditches the guys to move into the girls room

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Geordie Shore: Nathan Henry has decided to ditch the boys and shack up with the girls in their room instead.

In the Geordie Shore house the boys and girls are divided when it comes to the bedrooms with the, ahem, sh*g pad being the only communal bedroom in the house. Obviously, the rules aren't exactly binding, but Nathan does cause a bit of a stir when he decides to move into the girls' room, after getting closer to the girls in Ibiza.

Baffled by his choice, Scotty T warns him: "Moving to the girls' room mate, is like moving to Mordor!"

Geordie Shore: Nathan Henry
4 November


Nathan, however, stands by his decision and tells the boys that his reasons are nothing personal.

He says: "Don't take offence because I'm not doing it for an offensive reason... it's something I want to do. It's not that I don't like the lads, but after Ibiza I've become more close to the girls and I can be myself around them."

Geordie Shore: Nathan Henry moves rooms
4 November


Geordie Shore: Scotty T
4 November


Picking up on this, Gaz then asks Nathan: "It is because obviously when we're sat talking, we are talking about pulling girls and banging birds? You can fit in more with their conversations rather than our conversations?"

Nathan says yes, but Marty isn't convinced he should go. "Have you lost the plot mate?" He says.

Nathan Henry, Geordie Shore
4 November


Scott asks Nathan if there's anything the lads can do to make him change his mind, but Nathan reassures the boys he's not moving out, he's just moving rooms.

No biggie, okay?!

Elsewhere in the next episode of Geordie Shore, Gaz tries to clear the air with Holly Hagan following their fallout over his kiss with Chantelle Connelly.

Gaz Beadle and Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore
4 November


Holly had vowed not to speak to Gaz out of respect for Charlotte Crosby - her best friend and Gaz's ex.

Gaz tells Holly that he understands her reasons for being annoyed at him kissing other girls, but she responds by telling Gaz she blames him for Charlotte's exit.

Charlotte quit Geordie Shore in June, after her relationship with Gaz broke down. They had been trying to work out whether they had a future together, but as they never made things exclusive between them, things got complicated and they ultimately called things off for good.

Geordie Shore continues Tuesday 8 November at 10pm on MTV.

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