Geordie Shore: Holly Hagan admits she blames Gaz Beadle for Charlotte Crosby quitting the show

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Geordie Shore: Holly Hagan admits to Gaz Beadle that she does blame him for her best friend Charlotte Crosby quitting the show earlier this year.

Following the breakdown of her relationship with Gary, Charlotte decided to leave Geordie Shore in June, telling fans she needed to put some distance between herself and her ex. She had said it was the "toughest decision" she had to make.

Gaz hit back and told Charlotte she couldn't blame him for his exit, but that hasn't stopped Holly from doing so. In a conversation with Gaz about Charlotte, she admits that she does think it's his fault Charlotte hadn't joined them for series thirteen.

Gaz Beadle and Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore
4 November


Holly had fallen out with Gaz on Geordie Shore over his kiss with Chantelle Connelly, and vowed the pair were no longer friends. She confronted Gaz over the kiss, and claimed he wouldn't have done it if Charlotte had been there with them.

Holly said she wanted to fight Charlotte's corner and thought it had been disrespectful.

She told Gaz: "You've lost Charlotte and you've lost me as a mate. I can't speak to you."

At the time, Gaz insisted he wasn't bothered and thought it was unfair of Holly to pull him up for getting with Chantelle, as he should be allowed to move on from Charlotte.

In the next episode of Geordie Shore, Gaz decides to clear the air with Holly and again, Charlotte is the hot topic of conversation.

He tells Holly: "I know you're getting getting angry about Charlotte, but I'm moving on and she's moving on, and that's going to involve some decisions I'm going to make that people might not like.

But she responds: "If you did fancy someone, I would find that better than you just [kissing girls] for the absolute banter. I find that disrespectful."

Gaz Beadle, Geordie Shore
4 November


Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore
4 November


Venting privately, she adds: "Gary going on the pull so soon after everything that happened with Charlotte, of course I'm not going to be happy."

Defending his actions, though, Gaz pointed out that him kissing Chantelle is exactly the same as Charlotte kissing Marty during the Big Birthday Battle series. She and Gaz had been trying to give their romance a go, but Charlotte rocked the boat by drunkenly locking lips with Marty during a night out. Gary had been left upset and called things off with Charlotte, telling her they could "never" be together.

They did, however, rekindle things and went on to date for a few months before falling out and ultimately calling it quits for good.

Gaz told the camera: "Everybody is always like, 'Oh my god, Gaz kissed Chantelle. What about poor little Charlotte?' It wasn't like that when Charlotte kissed Marty, was it? I've got feelings too you know."

Holly then tells Gaz: "You are here with your family. She is the one who has had to leave."

"Do not put Charlotte leaving on f**king me," Gaz responds, but Holly replies: "Well I do, sorry."

Gaz Beadle, Geordie Shore
4 November


"If Charlotte wanted to be here, she would f**king be here," Gaz says. "It's her choice, not mine. She ditched you as well as me."

While Holly admits it's "different" for her not having Charlotte around, Gaz reassures her that he is missing Charlotte too. He says: "It's different for me too. Don't think for one second that I'm not missing having that girl here, because I do."

Geordie Shore continues Tuesday 8 November at 10pm on MTV.

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