TOWIE's Dan Edgar's attempt to talk with Kate Wright doesn't go to plan: "She gets wound up so easily"

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Dan Edgar's attempt to clear the air with ex-girlfriend Kate Wright on the latest episode of TOWIE didn't really go to plan when she walked away in anger.

TOWIE: Kate Wright walks off from Dan Edgar
Airing 26th October 2016


Dan tried to talk to Kate.

The reality stars split in April after a six-year relationship but have both found it hard to move on, especially when they're constantly around each other filming. In the last episode, Kate told Dan she loved him and missed him but couldn't talk to him while he was still out partying with other girls.

Their chat was quite awkward and ended in Kate crying and leaving in tears, as she felt Dan wanted to continue his partying lifestyle and start seeing her again.

TOWIE: Lockie, Dan, Diags and Tommy talk about Pete and Megan's relationship
26 October 2016


Dan told the boys he felt Kate misunderstood him.

On Wednesday night's episode, Dan told the boys he felt Kate had misunderstood him: she wanted him to say he loved her and missed her too (which he does), but in his mind they had other issues they needed to work through before contemplating a future together.

He later bumped into Kate's pals Georgia Kousoulou and Danielle Armstrong, who confronted him about his behaviour and urged Dan to talk properly with Kate and clear the air.

"I encouraged Kate to speak to you, thinking you'd be on the same page as her, then she rings me crying saying you've basically gone the opposite way," said Georgia.

TOWIE: Danielle Armstrong and Georgia Kousoulou confront Dan Edgar about Kate Wright
Airing 26th October 2016


Georgia gives Dan some advice.

TOWIE: Danielle gives advice to Dan
26 October 2016


Danielle talks to Dan.

Dan insisted that wasn't true and said, yes, he did love her and did see a future with her: "All I'm saying is to move forward, there is a lot to discuss. That took me by surprise when she said that. I just didn't think that was the place to say let's back together and do this. I sat there and said I do love you."

The girls told Dan he was missing the point, with Georgia saying: "In a relationship you have to sacrifice things, you have to sacrifice that [partying] life, as that's her biggest fear."

They encouraged Dan to go talk to Kate. Danielle said: "Go tell her you love her and want to be with her."

But it didn't go that way…

TOWIE: Kate Wright walks off from Dan Edgar
Airing 26th October 2016


Dan talking to Kate.

"I think you took a few things I said the wrong way," said Dan, but Kate replied: "I don't think I did, I heard what you said."

"All I was trying to say was we need to take each step at a time and be civil," said Dan, but Kate countered: "You're not getting it. I don't want to be civil with you while you're going to after parties, surrounded by girls, texting girls. I won't be that person. You said to me you want to carry on doing that."

Dan denied he'd said that, but Kate insisted: "You said you don't want to stop!"

TOWIE: Kate Wright walks off from Dan Edgar
Airing 26th October 2016


Kate walked away.

Again, Dan said that's not what he said, he just hadn't think that time and place was right for discussing that sort of thing.

"There is no point you coming over if you keep saying the same thing," said Kate.

"I'm not saying the same thing!" countered Dan. "All I'm trying to say is there's a lot of things to talk about before we go in that direction and you took it the wrong way and stormed off and got nowhere.

"Okay," said Kate, spelling out what she meant" "I'm not going to talk to you while you're talking to other people."

Dan insisted he wasn't talking to other people, but Kate had enough and walked off, prompting a frustrated Dan to return to Danielle and Georgia and say: "F**king winding me up. Constantly got the hump all the time. These are the things that make me think do I want to go back to that? She gets so wound up with me so easily. I feel like I'm in a good head space and things like that…"

TOWIE continues Sunday at 10pm on ITVBe.

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