Geordie Shore: Marnie Simpson tells the girls she is bisexual and Aaron Chalmers that she "loves" him

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Geordie Shore: Marnie Simpson tells the girls she has a secret that she wants to share with them.

In the first episode of Geordie Shore's new series, Marnie gets candid with the girls ahead of their first night out in Magaluf. Wanting to be honest with her co-stars, Marnie decides to let Holly Hagan, Chloe Ferry and Chantelle Connelly know that she is bisexual.

"I've got something to tell the girls, I just hope that they take it well," she says.

Marnie Simpson reveals she is bisexual, Geordie Shore
24 October


While we as fans know about Marnie's bisexuality, after she candidly spoke about her sexuality in April, earlier this year, we don't know how her co-stars reacted when she told them her news.

Sitting the girls down for the first time, Marnie says: "Right so there's something I haven't told you. It's like a big deal that's happened in my life recently..."

Questioning what it could be, Chloe brings up Marnie's engagement to her ex-fiance Ricky Rayment and says: "I hate when Marnie springs a surprise on us. What now? Is she engaged to some f**king pr*ck again?"

Marnie continues: "I don't want you to treat us any differently, I recently just came out to my family as bisexual."

She had nothing to worry about, though, as the girls were more than supportive with Holly telling her: "I think we kind of already knew that anyway."

Converstion then turns to Marnie's relationship with Aaron, with Chloe asking how Marnie coming out as bisexual will affect her and Aaron. Fans had watched the pair get together during Geordie Shore's Big Birthday Battle series, but their romance broke down following filming.

Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson, Geordie Shore Series 13
24 October


Marnie says: "Me being bisexual doesn't make me fancy Aaron any less."

She then adds to the camera: "I like boys and girls, but it's Aaron I want to be with now. Just need him to prove himself to me because he didn't last time... Things between me and Aaron are complicated enough. I'm definitely not ready to tell him that I'm bisexual just yet."

In fact, she and Aaron end up clashing when he tries to kiss Marnie on a night out. She says: "Aaron straight away comes over, goes straight in for a kiss. No chat up lines, no compliments. Nothing. I want more attentions, more cuddles, more everything before we go there."

Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson, Geordie Shore Series 13
24 October


But when Aaron doesn't get that he needs to make more of an effort, Marnie sees red. She tells him: "I've been getting with you for how long now and nothing's any further forward. I'm sick of wasting my time. I love you and I'm obsessed with you and always have been but you're a dead end, Aaron."

Aaron, meanwhile, is a little confused...

"So she loves us and he's obsessed with us but I'm a dead end? My head is all over the place," he admits "F*ck this sh*t."

Geordie Shore returns tonight Tuesday 25 October at 10pm on MTV.

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