Ibiza Weekender's Ellie Young is left embarrassed in front of her mum over voice note

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Ibiza Weekender star Ellie Young was left a little embarrassed in front of her mum, after receiving a crude voice note from her co-star David...

You see David had been trying to inform Ellie that he was with a guy that was interested in her, but his choice of words no doubt had Ellie blushing, given that she was in the company of her mother.

It had said: "Got a lad here that fancies you and wants to shag ya (sic)."

Ellie Young, Ibiza Weekender
21 February


Awkward, much?!

Just a little, but that didn't stop Ellie from sharing the moment with her followers on Twitter, though. She posted an embarrassed emoji, along with the tweet: "When you play a voicenote from @DavidWeekender infront of your mum "got a lad here that fancys you and wants to shag ya" hiya mum (sic)."

Ellie Young tweets about voice note from Ibiza Weekender's David
18 October

© Twitter / @EllieWeekender

How did her mum react, though?! That's what we want to know.

Fans first saw Ellie on the last series of Ibiza Weekender, after she joined the holiday rep team alongside Jordan Davies and Deano Baily. On the show, Ellie had struck up a romance with Deano, but she soon found herself caught up in the middle of a love triangle thanks to the arrival of Imogen Townley - Deano's ex.

Ellie Young accuses Deano Baily of still being in love with ex Imogen Townley, Ibiza Weekender
13 March


Ellie and Deano on Ibiza Weekender.

Ellie grew suspicious that Deano still had feelings for Imogen and that was later confirmed when he confessed to still being in love with her.

"I'm gutted. That's it for us..." Ellie had said on the show. "We can't really be more now. I've already given him another chance. I feel stupid, I should have known. I do genuinely think he did care about me, but being in this situation where he first met Imogen, I think he's realised actually Imogen is for me and Ellie is not.

"It's obvious. He is still in love with her and if he is, and she feels the same, I'll just have to take a step back from it. Oh well, back to tinder."

Jordan Davies and Ellie Young reunite in Magaluf
31 August

© Twitter / @EllieWeekender

Ellie was spotted kissing Jordan in Ibiza during filming for the new series of Ibiza Weekender.

Since then, Ellie has gone on to do a season in Magaluf and recently sparked speculation she could appear in Ibiza Weekender's new series.

It hasn't yet been confirmed by ITV whether Ellie will be back, but she was spotted kissing her co-star Jordan out in Ibiza while the cast had been filming. Interesting!

Her appearance with Jordan suggests she will be returning to the show, but will it be as a rep or a guest?! We'll have to wait until Ibiza Weekender returns next year to find out, but one's thing for sure, Ellie locking lips with Jordan will not go unnoticed!

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