TOWIE's Pete Wicks meets Megan McKenna's mum and dad to seek forgiveness over texting scandal

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Megan McKenna's father gave Pete Wicks a rather (deservedly) disapproving look from his car on the last episode of TOWIE.

Tonight, we'll see Pete going one step further as he approaches Megan's father and mother in a bid to seek their forgiveness after breaking Megan's heart by sending saucy texts to other women.

But will Dave and Tanya listen?

TOWIE Series 19, Episode 4: Pete talks to Megan's mum and dad
19 October 2016


Pete approaches Megan's dad.

TOWIE Series 19, Episode 4: Pete talks to Megan's mum and dad
19 October 2016


Dave doesn't look happy with Pete.

TOWIE Series 19, Episode 4: Pete talks to Megan's mum and dad
19 October 2016


Pete tries to explain things to Megan's mum.

After all, their 24-year-old daughter has been left hurt, heartbroken, embarrassed and devastated by Pete's betrayal, which became public knowledge earlier this month while the cast were filming in Marbella.

Fans were stunned when Pete was caught sending texts to other women, some even sent while on a romantic holiday with Megan.

Megan knew about some earlier messages Pete had sent, but then a slew of new messages to Pete's ex-girlfriend were published in a newspaper which Megan knew nothing about. This texts were far more explicit and unpleasant reading for Megan: one branded her "boring" for not drinking.

Naturally, Megan was shocked and gutted.

Danielle Armstrong and Megan McKenna in Marbella on TOWIE

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Danielle told Megan about the sexts in Marbella.

TOWIE: Megan is devastated by Pete's texts to another woman
12 October 2016


Megan was devastated.

Megan flew home from Marbella early to try to wrap her head around everything, while Pete has been desperately trying to win her back, pleading for forgiveness.

On the last episode of TOWIE, we saw Pete approach Megan while her father waited for her in his car giving Pete a rather stern, disappointed look. Understandably.

TOWIE: Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks discuss relationship
16 October


Megan told Pete she couldn't understand why he sent the texts.

Pete told Megan he loved her but she fired back: "I can't work out how you can be telling me that you love me and that I'm your best friend, then why would you do that?... I genuinely don't know if I can be with someone who I'm always going to worry about."

Megan also rubbished Pete's claim that he texted the women because he was "scared" by how much he loved Megan and how much power that held over him. "I don't believe it's anything like that. I believe you just can't help yourself," she said.

Meanwhile, Megan's mum Tanya has also voiced her anger at Pete, saying: "You deserve better. You don't deserve this to be happening to you... He really pulled the wool over all of our eyes. We thought he was a really lovely fella, the worst thing about it is the disrespect to you. Pete the Pirate is some lovely person… he's turned into Pete the pr**k. Will a leopard ever change his spots?"

TOWIE airs Wednesdays and Sundays at 10pm on ITVBe.

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