Geordie Shore star Scotty T and Francesca Toole are still dating: "We are together, but it's casual"

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Geordie Shore star Scotty T has said he and Francesca Toole are still dating, but has insisted their relationship is "casual."

Scott opened up on his relationship status during a Facebook Live with The Sun, when asked whether he wants to settle down or not by a fan.

The reality star admitted that the nature of his job makes it hard for him to have a relationship, but he is with someone and does eventually want 10 children.

Scotty T and Francesca Toole, Instagram
27 July

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Scott said: "With my job, I'm never home. I'm always floating about, going abroad... it's not that I don't want to settle down. I am sort of with someone at the minute, but it's hard because I'm always away and I want to see her everyday."

"It puts pressure on it," Scott explained. "We are together, but it's a casual thing. When people start branding it a relationship, it causes sh*t."

Revealing his plans to have children in the future, Scott then added: "I want 10 little boys who are f**king like me and can take over the world."

While Scott didn't directly reference Francesca, he has been romantically linked to her since he left the Celebrity Big Brother house in February earlier this year.

And his recent comments reflect how Scott first felt about their relationship. In March, Scott had insisted he and Francesca were not an official item, but if he wasn't on Geordie Shore, she would be his girlfriend.

He said: "It's not fair for me to be in a relationship because I am always away. If I want a girlfriend I want to be able to spend every day with... Once you put a brand and get into a relationship that's when things turn sour.

"At the end of the day, I am not going to have a relationship where I go to her, 'I'm back on Sunday, oh and by the way I'm away again all of next week and then I'm going away without my mobile phone.' I don't want a relationship like that."

Scotty T kisses Francesca Toole, Instagram
3 May

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However, things had appeared to get more serious between Scott and Francesca. He appeared to confirm that Francesca was his girlfriend in September. After posting a slew of photos of himself and Francesca together on Instagram (and referring to her as his "wife" and "other half"), Scott told fans: "People ask me about my relationship status, and posting a picture of Fran on Instagram is about as official as it gets for me. Yep, she is a winner."

He had also gushed in an interview with MTV that Francesca is the "love of his life."

Scott said: "I do have a love of my life. I have met her. I am seeing her..."

Just days later, though, Scott announced that he and Francesca had split. In an online column for Daily Star, Scott revealed: "Got dumped by my girlfriend and had to change my number, buzzing."

Can we now take it that the pair are back on?

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