Lauren Goodger returns to TOWIE: Megan McKenna turns to her for advice on Pete Wicks

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TOWIE: Lauren Goodger has returned.

Fans will finally get to see Lauren back on their screens when TOWIE airs later tonight (16 October). She makes her return alongside Megan McKenna and Chloe Sims and Lauren is dishing out all the advice when it comes to Megan's current drama with boyfriend Pete Wicks.

TOWIE: Lauren Goodger returns
16 October


To recap: Megan had found out Pete had been messaging other girls while away on holiday in Marbella. It came to light that Megan had known about certain messages before their trip to Marbs, but decided to give Pete another chance. However, she then found out about new messages that had been sent between Pete and an ex of his, after his former flame decided to go public with the texts to the press.

In an explosive showdown, Megan called Pete out for his actions, which included suggesting he wanted to be single. Their row led to Pete flying home from Marbella and Megan soon followed suit.

Now she's back in Essex, she is still trying to get her head around Pete's texts and turning to Lauren, she discusses her emotional reunion with Pete following their fallout in Marbs - but what will Lauren have to say about it?

Lauren Goodger and Megan McKenna, TOWIE
16 October


Pete, meanwhile, has told his BFF Lockie that "there is no excuse" for what he has done.

Coming over all emotional, Pete said: "There is no excuse for what I've done to her. I've broken her heart. The thing is a couple of weeks ago she gave me another chance and obviously she didn't know the full extent of the messages because I lied to her because I didn't want to lose her. But I have anyway and she doesn't believe anything I say. I love the girl to bits. I wish there was a reason for it but there ain't. I've thrown everything away for nothing."

He added: "I never expected to feel the way I did about her. I can't even explain it. Everyone told me to stay away from her and everyone was wrong. It was her who should have stayed away from me. I broke her heart. When anything went wrong we talked to each other about it and I can't be there for her now and I feel like she's on my own and I just want to put it right."

TOWIE: Megan is devastated by Pete's texts to another woman
12 October 2016


Pete tried to do just that by visiting Megan at her flat, but a distraught Megan wasn't keen to clear the air.

She told Pete he had shattered her trust, despite knowing she's had trust issues with men in the past who have betrayed her, and said: "You know I've been through this before and I didn't have trust in boys and you've pulled the wool over my eyes. You're greedy, f**king disgusting and you've embarrassed me and I feel like I can't go out."

"I never cheated on you," pleaded Pete. "I don't expect you to get back with me now but you need to know I love you and ain't gonna give up."

TOWIE continues tonight Sunday 16 October at 10pm on ITVBe.

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