Joe Swash proposes to Stacey Solomon on Celebrity Juice... after confirming they're NOT brother and sister

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Has Joe Swash proposed to girlfriend Stacey Solomon?!

Well, there was a ring and the former EastEnders actor DID get down on one knee.

Okay, so it may have been with a little pushing from Keith Lemon on Celebrity Juice, but it still counts, right? Right?!

Joe Swash proposes to Stacey Solomon on Celebrity Juice
13 October


Stacey and Joe team up in the latest episode of ITV2's Celebrity Juice and it's fair to say the pair get a grilling from Keith when it comes to their relationship.

Joe and Stacey first went public with their romance in January, earlier this year, and since then things between them have been going from strength to strength. So much so, that the pair have even discussed marriage and babies, and Stacey is often dropping hints that she wants a ring on her finger.

While he hasn't yet popped the question, Joe has said he will propose "at some point" and, of course, picking up on that, Keith quizzes Joe on when exactly he is planning on asking Stacey to marry him.

Joe says: "It's all in good time, I don't know why everyone wants to rush!"

Although, Keith has other ideas. He teases: "It would be great if he did [it] on the show, here." Keith then pops out an engagement ring, as you do, and tells Joe if he proposes, he'll win a point for his team.

Now, that's an offer Joe just couldn't refuse!

Joe Swash proposes to Stacey Solomon on Celebrity Juice
13 October


Joe Swash proposes to Stacey Solomon on Celebrity Juice
13 October


Somehow, though, we don't think this quite means Stacey and Joe are set to wed.

Joe's faux proposal came after he and Stacey confessed they had both checked their family trees, before they had let romance blossom between them. Why? To, err, check they were not related.

Keith had asked the couple: "A lot of people say you are the equivalent of each other. Are you sure you're not brother and sister?"

"We did actually check that out!" Stacey told him. "The first thing we did was check our family trees..."

Joe, meanwhile, had his say on claims he and Stacey are so alike and said: "That's why we got on in the beginning. I just love myself so it was perfect."

Oh, you guys!

You can catch Stacey and Joe on Celebrity Juice tonight Thursday 13 October at 10pm on ITV2.

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