Ibiza Weekender's Imogen Townley criticises ex-boyfriend Louis Harding with liked tweet?

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Ibiza Weekender star Imogen Townley has appeared to hit out at her ex-boyfriend Louis Harding on Twitter.

She had liked a tweet that read: "No matter how badly I fell out with someone, I would never ever ever sell a story about them to the press... That's just [snake] behaviour."

Ibiza Weekender: Deano Baily tells Imogen Townley he is still in love with her
27 March


Imogen Townley liked tweet,
12 October

© Twitter

While Imogen hadn't directly linked Louis to the tweet, could it be her response to Louis publicly speaking about their split?

Imogen had confirmed her break up with Louis while filming for Ibiza Weekender's second series. She released a statement revealing their relationship had come to an end, and said: "It's with regret that I have chosen to end my relationship of less than a year with Louis. We will always have fond memories together and I hope that we can remain friends."

News of their split came as a shock to fans, as Imogen had seemed pretty smitten with Louis. At the time, he teased that he would be "telling his side" of the story and later accused Imogen of 'cheating' on him with her co-star and ex Deano Baily.

Imogen Townely and boyfriend Louis Harding
3 May

© Snapchat / imotownley

Imogen pictured with ex Louis in May.

In an interview with The Sun, Louis (who has claimed he didn't receive a fee for any interview) revealed Imogen had phoned him, while on camera, to break up with him and tell him she had kissed Deano.

While we know Imogen and Deano locked lips out in Ibiza, it hasn't been confirmed if the kiss happened before or after she split with Louis.

"We were talking about marriage and kids," Louis said. "We planned to be together forever... I never felt she was harbouring feelings for [Deano]."

Ibiza Weekender: Deano Baily tells Imogen Townley he is still in love with her
27 March


Imogen and Deano on Ibiza Weekender in March 2016.

Imogen has not directly responded to Louis' comments and when contacted by Reveal, a rep for Imogen declined to add any further comment to her initial statement about their split.

After Louis' interview surfaced online, he took to Twitter apologising for "spoiling" the next series of Ibiza Weekender, but stressed he wanted his side of the story to be heard.

He tweeted: "Thanks for the support! Sorry to spoil next years Ibiza weekender .. Not playing victim but my side of the story had to be said... And for anyone asking I have not been paid for any stories! I will never slag off Imogen for what's happened...it's done... Life goes on."

He and Imogen had first gone public with their romance in April, earlier this year.

Their relationship came after viewers watched Deano confess he was 'still in love' with Imogen on the last series of Ibiza Weekender. Imogen, meanwhile, had told him it was too late and chose to walk away from her former flame.

She said: "I have been waiting for so long for Deano to tell me he still loves me. But I knew that the right thing for me was to walk away with my head held high and be a strong person."

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