Stacey Solomon candidly admits she has thought about "cheating on a partner" before

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Stacey Solomon made a candid confession during her Loose Women appearance today (11 October), and admitted she has thought about 'cheating on a partner' before.

The panel had been discussing the results of an affair survey Loose Women had carried out, which asked 5000 women if they'd had an affair behind their partner's back. 15 percent admitted they had strayed and one fifth of those asked are still with their partners and have never told them about their cheating.

Reacting to the results, Stacey said she thought it showed "a lot of dishonesty," but she did confess that she has had thoughts about being unfaithful in the past.

Stacey Solomon appears on Loose Women, ITV
11 October


Stacey said: "What's the point of being with somebody, if you want to be with loads of people?"

When asked if she had ever thought about having an affair, Stacey admitted: "I've definitely thought about it. I have been in relationships that haven't worked. One in particular was for a long time... I would be out and get attention from somebody, even if it was, 'How are you?' But just the thought of somebody touching me, I would be like, 'Oh,' and I would think about, not necessarily a sexual thing, but maybe just someone that wants to spend time with you..."

"I could never go through with it," Stacey added, however. "I have a choice. If I wanted to be single and be with lots of different people, there is nothing wrong with that and nobody can tell me otherwise. But, if I wanted to be monotonous and have a partner then that's what I'm gonna do."

At that point, Janet Street Porter interrupted Stacey to tell her she meant "monogamous," prompting Stacey to say: "Monogamous, sorry!"

Janet joked: "That was very, very interesting. She equated monogamy and monotony."

Stacey Solomon and Janet Street Porter on Loose Women, ITV
11 October


Other survey results revealed that 56% of women trust their partners implicitly, and while Stacey insisted she did, she claimed that everybody still has a little insecurity when it comes to their relationship.

"There is always that little insecurity in every girl's mind, I don't care what you say," Stacey said. "It's like, 'But hold on a second, what if he likes someone? What if he met someone?'"

That said, Stacey is oh-so-smitten with her boyfriend Joe Swash. She and Joe went public with their relationship in January, earlier this year, and since then, their romance has gone from strength to strength.

In fact, Stacey has already insisted on Loose Women that she "trusts Joe 100 percent" and has expressed her hopes for the pair to tie the knot.

Stacey revealed she has been hinting to Joe to pop the question and he has since said he will propose to Stacey "at some point."

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon, Loose Women
1 August


The former EastEnders actor joined Stacey on the Loose Women panel back in August and confirmed the couple have even discussed having children together.

Stacey had said she would love more children, but confessed that society has made her feel like she can't have another child with another man. She is already mum to two boys from two previous relationships.

But that doesn't phase Joe. He said in response: "Babies... I think that's a good idea. I've got a child as well with someone else, and as long as you have that child and you're in love and you have that child for the right reasons... then have as many as you want. Crack on."

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