TOWIE's Kate Wright takes a swipe at ex Dan Edgar: "I'm going to keep it classy"

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TOWIE star Kate Wright has appeared to take a swipe at her ex-boyfriend Dan Edgar, after hearing that he had slept with someone else out in Marbella.

Kate made a late appearance in Marbella with Danielle Armstrong, and after turning up at Megan McKenna's birthday party, she was quick to learn that Dan had already been hooking up with other people overseas.

On hearing the news, Kate wasn't exactly too impressed and now she has hit out at her ex, claiming he has a track record of "sleeping with basic bitches" in Marbs. Ouch.

Georgia Kousoulou and Kate Wright, TOWIE Marbella
11 October


Speaking in a new video shared to TOWIE's website, Kate recalled reuniting with Dan in Marbella and admitted she wasn't so excited to see him.

"I'm trying to stay away from him," she explained. "He's sleeping with half of Marbs, I'm going to keep it classy."

"Dan does have a track record of sleeping with basic bitches in Marbs. Must be a thing for him..." She continued. "He can carry on, let him do that, he'll only be crying that he loves me."

While it hadn't been easy to hear her ex-beau is moving on, Kate assured viewers there is "no argument brewing" between herself and Dan. Instead, she wants to keep her distance and has ruled out going back there with him.

Kate said: "Obviously, I was with him for six years and I still love him, but we're both single and we can do what we want. I've got no right to say anything. The major thing I'm happy about it, is that it's not me that has slept with him. His penis has been in another woman, so I'm not going to be sleeping with him. That's what you've got to think... when I look at him, that's what I'm envisioning. I'm a strong, independent woman."

Danielle Armstrong and Kate Wright, TOWIE, Marbella
10 October


Dan, meanwhile, was shocked to see Kate in Marbella and his co-star James Arg Argent had teased that her arrival messes with Dan's head.

We caught up with Dan on his return home from Marbella, and he exclusively told Reveal it was "hard" seeing Kate again. Dan said: "When I was at home, I didn't see her for a while and it was out of my mind. Kate turned up [in Marbella]. Obviously, there is still feelings there, we had been together for a long time and I do miss her. It's natural. I just found it hard and my head went. I couldn't be around her."

Like Kate, Dan has ruled out a reunion between them.

He said: "Never say never, but at the moment, I don't think so. I think she'd want a lot of things to change, she'd want me to move out the flat with Arg, so it's not the right time."

Dan Edgar and James Lock, TOWIE in Marbella
10 October


Dan did add, though, that he wouldn't like to see Kate with anyone else. Given that there's two new TOWIE boys on the scene, Kate could catch their eye and Dan admits that's something he'll "always be worried about."

"I would never like to see anyone with her," Dan claimed. "But she is single, so she can what she wants... it would be hard."

Dan and Kate confirmed their split last series while in Palma, Majorca. Fans saw Kate break down in tears on seeing Dan again after their break up.

Speaking about their decision to separate, she said: "We went to Mexico and had the most amazing holiday but I felt we were best friends, something was missing.. but it's hard."

Dan, meanwhile, added: "I feel our relationship is like we've been married 30 years and get on each other's nerves and we're not really affectionate with each other. I just can't believe it's come to this. That it's done now. I thought we would stay together the rest of our lives."

TOWIE continues Wednesday 12 October at 10pm on ITVBe.

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