Exclusive: Love Island's Olivia Buckland: "I'm naturally a jealous person, but Alex is so reassuring"

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Love Island star Olivia Buckland has admitted she can get jealous over boyfriend Alex Bowen, but trusts him implicitly.

The loved-up pair are now living together after meeting on ITV2's Love Island, and it's safe to say their romance is going from strength-to-strength. They're planning on spending Christmas together, they've got plans to buy a house together and they're even hoping on welcoming a new arrival next year... their very own pup.

They've come a long way since being in the villa and Olivia having her reservations about getting involved with Alex, right?

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10 October

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Cast your minds back to the second series of Love Island, and you'll remember Olivia voicing her concerns that Alex may "forget her" when they head back out into the real world. Oh, how wrong she was!

She confessed to Alex that her feelings for him were getting stronger and she was worried that he wasn't on the same page as her. Olivia's comments came after she overheard the boys talking about life after Love Island.

Olivia told Alex: "I just feel like you are easily led astray and you will just be like, 'Who's Olivia?' I only think about it because the longer I know you, the more feelings I get for you and I don't want to do that.. it's self-preservation. I try and steer myself away from things that might go wrong. It's not you at all; I have that issue because I don't trust people."

At the time, Alex reassured her he wouldn't do that to her and now she admits, it's becoming "impossible for her to worry" because her boyfriend has been "so reassuring."

Since leaving the villa, the couple are often forced to separate and carry out personal appearances at different nightclubs, but speaking exclusively to Reveal, Olivia told us Alex being surrounded by other girls in a club doesn't concern her.

She said: "Yeah, I'm naturally a jealous person and I've been really insecure in the past, but he's so reassuring and he comes home after every PA. He makes the effort and texts me when he gets home. He's so reassuring that it's starting to become impossible for me to even worry."

"He's so considerate about how I feel and what I might think," Olivia explained. "He does worry about me because I go to so many events and I'm around different people... I think he worries more. Alex has no reason to be insecure, I reassure him just as much."

Things between them are definitely working and Alex and Olivia have teased that a proposal could soon be on cards.

The pair have already dropped the L-bomb, got matching tattoos and moved in together, so getting engaged would be the logical next step, no?

In September, Alex revealed he and Olivia have spoken about marriage and kids. He told us: "I've never been this happy. Before I went on Love Island, I didn't even have an idea of when I'd move out of home - now I've got a girlfriend, we're getting a house together and I'm happy.

"I'm not going to say it's going to be a year until I propose because then she'll be there like, 'Erm, it's a year to the day and you haven't proposed!' So it could be less, it could be more. It won't be that long. She's already sent me a picture of the ring that she wants though."

He even told us he knows exactly how he's going to pop the question when he does. Alex added: "Obviously I can't say how I'll do it! But when I do, I'm [going to be] proper romantic."

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