Bratavio call Honey G the "comedy act" and reckon she's lacking the X Factor

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The X Factor's Bratavio have branded Honey G this year's "comedy act" and suggest she hasn't got what it takes to win the show.

Bradley Hunt and Ottavio Columbro told our colleagues at Digital Spy that much as they like Honey G as a person, they reckon she's lacking the X Factor needed to be the next big thing.

Ottavio and Bradley on X Factor 2016

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Ottavio said: "She says we're the comedy act but she's the comedy act. Nice woman, but X Factor record deal? No.

"She's a lovely woman but she doesn't have the X Factor. We did because we offered a different dynamic to the music industry, we presented the next generation of what it could be. And it wasn't just about the singing, we were about performing, animated movements, we've got so much more than just standing there and singing."

Bratavio are the first act to leave X Factor 2016 after losing out in the sing off against Saara Aalto on Sunday night. All the judges – bar Bratavio's mentor Louis Walsh – chose to save Finnish powerhouse Saara.

"We are alright, we gave it our best shot," said Bratavio after the live show. "If the public didn't connect with us there is nothing more we can do. The only way is up! Saara is amazing and she has an outstanding vocal range so well done Saara."

X Factor makeover photos 2016
Honey G

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Honey G says she's all real.

Meanwhile, Honey G has been defending herself in recent days after those allegations continued to swirl that she's not real and is perhaps pulling a prank on X Factor and its viewers.

The 35-year-old rapper from North Wheezy said: "There are those people saying I shouldn't have been put through. My Twitter is going so mad now I don't have time to look through all the messages and I don't react. I've made it here and I'm through so it's like, "f**k you." Middle finger to the haters."

"I've been a musician my whole life and I've been involved in urban music a large part of my life."

She added: "I do get a lot of positive feedback."

Elsewhere, we're welcoming a new group to the X Factor live shows this week: Four of Diamonds has been brought in to replace Brooks Way, who have left the competition following allegations about Josh's personal life.

The X Factor airs Saturday and Sunday, 8pm on ITV.