CBB's Dee Kelly gets candid over suicide attempt: "I just snapped, I'd had enough of everything"

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Celebrity Big Brother star Dee Kelly has spoken candidly of her experience of depression and admits she did try to take her own life.

Dee (real name Deidre) became known after appearing on Channel 4 documentary Benefits Street. She then went on to appear on CBB's fourteenth series alongside Lauren Goodger and Geordie Shore's Ricci Guarnaccio, but Dee has now admitted being in the public eye took its toll on her.

Dee Kelly speaks candidly about depression, Loose Women, ITV
10 October


Appearing on ITV's Loose Women, Dee explained that her mind went into overdrive after she managed to come off benefits, thanks to her newly found fame. She explained the pressures of not "going back into the system" and proving everybody wrong had got to her.

Dee said: "I think it was very, very close. I just snapped. I'd had enough of everything... life, pressures. In hindsight, I just wasn't ready for what happened to me in the last two years."

Following Benefits Street airing in 2014 and the stigmas attached to it, Dee continued: "I had to go on the defence from day one. And two years down the line, it just took its toll on me. I'd split with the management company I was with, and you do look to the future.

"I'd fought so hard to get myself out of a system that I had been demonised for being a part of and I kinda thought, 'What do I do now?' At that moment in time, I thought that was the end of the newspapers and TV, and my mind just went completely into overdrive. I was adamant that I wasn't going to go back into the system, because there were people out there that wanted me to. They want to see you fail. I just didn't want to fight people anymore, I really didn't.

"In reality, I'd become famous for not really having any talent. Everything did change, and it did overnight."

Battling with depression, Dee revealed she has had many counselling sessions to help her, but had thought she could overcome it on her own. "When you're such a proud person, you think you can do it on your own. I'm always the person that people come to, I'm not the person that goes to anybody else. It was still so hard for me, I'm not the one that goes to people for help."

Dee Kelly speaks candidly about depression, Loose Women, ITV
10 October


When conversation turned to Dee's suicide attempt, she broke down in tears as she spoke of her children and the impact it could have had on them.

Recalling the day, Dee told the panel: "I was arguing at home. Me and my other half were arguing, I was arguing with the kids, the kids were arguing with each other - it's just normal, everyday life, but it just got too much. I sent them to dad's, I wasn't nice, I was horrible.

"My kids are my world, but I was just vile. I just made them go and I just said, 'I don't want you here, you're killing me.' Imagine them coming back... how could they live with that?"

Dee added: "I was in my forties when I was left without my mum, imagine them losing their mum and one was just nine. I just absolutely snapped. I felt so sorry for myself. I thought I would just save everyone [from] all the hassle and the kids, 'You don't deserve a mum who feels so sorry for herself.'"

Now six months down the line, Dee revealed that a lot of things have now changed for her and she is being "more open and honest" with how she is feeling. Dee said: "I'm surrounded by nothing but positive people. I'm getting there."

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