Exclusive: TOWIE's Chloe Lewis reacts to Jake Hall moving on: "I'm so unbothered it scares me"

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TOWIE star Chloe Lewis has reacted to her ex-boyfriend Jake Hall hinting about a new romance, and she tells us she is "quite glad" he has been the one to move on from their relationship first.

Cast your minds back to TOWIE's seventeeth series and you'll remember Chloe ended her eight year relationship with Jake. The pair had been on and off, and after hearing a rumour that Jake had slept with Megan McKenna (something Megan denies), it was the final straw for Chloe and she insisted she had "no choice" but to end things.

Since then, the exes have gone their separate ways, but Jake recently teased he has now moved on.

Jake Hall and Chloe Lewis, Marbella
5 June

© Instagram / @jakehall01

Chloe and Jake pictured in June 2015.

Jake Hall hints at new romance on Instagram
4 October

© Instagram / @jakehall01

Jake hinted he is now in a new relationship.

He posted a photo to Instagram showing himself lying in a woman's lap. Alongside it, Jake gushed: "Just works."

Reports have claimed he is now dating Real Housewives of Cheshire star Misse Beqiri, following her divorce from footballer Anders Lindegaard. Neither Jake or Misse have responded to the speculation.

If they are now an item, many have commented on Misse's similarities to Chloe and Chloe joked: "She's a model, isn't she? I'll take that."

On a more serious note, Chloe exclusively told Reveal, albeit being weird seeing Jake with someone else, she isn't as bothered as she expected to be.

Chloe said: "I'm so unbothered it scares me a little bit. I thought I would be [bothered]. Of course, it's weird. I've never known Jake to be with anyone apart from me in a relationship. It is strange and initially when I first heard I was quite upset, but I know it's a good thing and it's for the best."

"Either one of us had to move on first, and if I'm honest, I'm quite glad he has done it first," Chloe claimed. "It gives me my closure. I never was going to go back there, but for me I know now that I've drawn a line under it and it's done. I'm in a really happy place myself and I hope he's happy and I do wish him all the best."

As for Chloe, romance could potentially be on the cards for her this TOWIE series.

The cast have been joined by newcomers Ercan Ramadan and Ben Shenel this time round, and both Chloe and Courtney Green have taken a shine to the newbies. Photos surfaced of the girls appearing to flirt with the boys around the pool out in Marbs and when we quizzed the pair about the boys, Chloe started singing Marvin Gaye's 'Let Get It On.'

TOWIE tease new boys: Ben Shenel and Ercan Ramadan
29 September

© Instagram / @towie

Ben and Ercan had joined the cast out in Marbella.

She said she was only joking, but Courtney did gush: "They are really lovely boys. We get on with them. They're like our friends, but we fancy the friends. They're hot. They're very hot boys."

Courtney revealed that she has kissed Ercan in the past, during a night out in Faces, Essex, and when we asked whether romance could blossom for Courtney and Chloe on screen, the girls teased: "Potentially."

TOWIE returns Sunday 9 October at 10pm on ITVBe.

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