Ex-TOWIE star Mario Falcone confirms nose job on This Morning: "I didn't like it, now I'm happy"

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Former TOWIE star Mario Falcone has confirmed he HAS had a nose job.

It had been speculated whether Mario had gone under the knife, after his surgeon appeared to post a photo of Mario on social media before his surgery and teased: "New nose coming up."

Since then, Mario hadn't commented on his decision to opt for the cosmetic procedure, but was spotted sporting a bandage over his nose in the weeks that followed. Now, he has spoken publicly about his decision to have a nose job on ITV's This Morning and has said he is "happy" with the finished result.

Mario Falcone confirms nose job on This Morning, ITV
7 October


Mario said he's happy with the result.

Mario Falcone confirms nose job on This Morning, ITV
7 October


He said the difference is quite subtle.

Mario Falcone confirms nose job on This Morning, ITV
7 October


Mario said his nose is still quite swollen.

"I broke it when I was 11 playing football, so it's always been quite wide [at the top]. The tip has been narrowed. It's still quite swollen now, and lifted a bit," he said. "It was done three or four weeks ago."

He said the only people he told about his nose surgery were his mum and girlfriend, who drove him to hospital. He admitted his mum didn't think he needed the surgery but knew he wouldn't change his mind.

Mario joined his former TOWIE co-star Ferne McCann on the sofa and explained his decision to undergo the surgery was influenced by insecurities he has always had about his nose.

The reality star said: "I used to hate taking selfies, the angle was always wrong, the lighting... I used to hate taking pictures."

Mario revealed he had spent around £5000 on the surgery and explained that it was a moment on TOWIE that first made him look at his nose negatively. He recalled a scene where Diags had branded his nose "big" and admitted his co-star's comment had played on his mind.

"Arg and Diags said something about my nose, they're not vindictive people... but it was the initial moment I thought there is something wrong with my nose. It was a long time ago and it wasn't very nice," Mario said.

"It was playing on my mind and it kept being brought up. I asked Lucy [Mecklenburgh] at the time, 'Is there something wrong with my nose?' She said, 'No, it's fine,' but I thought there must be something wrong for it to be the thing they're using against me."

Mario added: "Everyone jumped on the bandwagon, there were two Twitter accounts - one called Mario's nose, it had more followers than me... joking! Women speak about [surgery] more openly, but men still have insecurities, things we don't like. Everyone wants to look their best.

"I had a nose job becuase I didn't like it, now I like it and I'm happy."

Mario Falcone confirms nose job on This Morning, ITV
7 October


Mario had hinted he was planning on having the surgery on Twitter back in June. He revealed to his Twitter followers that he had booked in a consultation, pointing out that negative comments he has received about his nose have influenced his decision.

He tweeted: "I think I am going to get a nose job... Years of some of you bullying me etc have made me book a consultation."

At the time, some had questioned whether Mario's tweet had been sarcastic.

Like Mario, Ferne also opted to have cosmetic surgery on her nose. She unveiled the results live on This Morning in August and came over all emotional, explaining that the bump on the ridge of her nose had been her "insecurity."

Both Mario and Ferne opted for subtle changes, and Ferne said: "I feel so confident."

Ferne McCann shows off nose job result on This Morning
15 August 2016


Although, Ferne did add that both she and Mario are not condoning surgery and any decision to go under the knife shouldn't be taking light-heartedly.

She shared the same sentiment in her initial interview two months ago and explained: "It was a very considered decision. I turned 25 a few weeks ago. I waited until then. My first consultation was at 18 but I didn't feel ready.

"I'm in the public eye and some young girls may see me as a role model so I want to be completely open and honest. If you're thinking about getting any sort of surgery and you're a teenager and you feel insecure and awkward and feel you don't have this Instagram perfect commercial face, wait until you're an adult. It's not a decision you can make light-heartedly. It was something I did for myself, not Twitter trolls, journalists, boys at school. It was a personal thing. I just wanted to remove the bump on my nose."

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