TOWIE star Jake Hall moves on from ex-girlfriend Chloe Lewis and hints at new romance?

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TOWIE star Jake Hall has appeared to have moved on from his ex-girlfriend Chloe Lewis and has been hinting at a new romance on Instagram.

The reality star and fashion designer had us all talking after posting a photo of himself lying in the lap of a woman to social media.

A girl's hand can be seen holding Jake's face and alongside his post, he gushed: "Just works."

Jake Hall hints at new romance on Instagram
4 October

© Instagram / @jakehall01

Of course, fans were quick to comment and many speculated who Jake's new flame could be. Reports have claimed it is Real Housewives of Cheshire star Misse Beqiri in Jake's photo, and his followers seemed to agree after doing a little bit of detective work themselves.

One fan said: "It is misse look at her nails in this pic and go to her profile and she has the same nails (sic)."

Misse split from her footballer husband Anders Lindegaard in August. Neither she or Jake have responded to the speculation.

Other fans, meanwhile, were pleased to see Jake had moved on, although some still seemed caught up on his previous relationship with his former TOWIE co-star Chloe. One follower commented "@jakehall01 please say that hand is Chloe's, you two are so perfect for each other."

Another added: "That's defo not Chloe!! Oh Jake you silly boy defo lost her now !! (sic)."

TOWIE's Chloe Lewis and Jake Hall on holiday in Dubai, 10th January 2016

© Instagram/Chloelewis91

Jake and Chloe pictured in Dubai back in January.

Jake and Chloe had dated on and off in the past for eight years. However, the pair split for good in April, earlier this year, with Chloe insisting she had "no choice, but to end" their relationship.

After hearing a rumour that Jake had slept with their co-star Megan McKenna (something he and Megan have denied), Chloe saw it as the final straw. She confronted Jake and while he denied hooking up with Megan, he did tell Chloe: "In eight years I'm not saying I have been 100 per cent faithful."

While Jake insisted that hadn't meant sleeping with other people, he was referring to kissing other girls when he and Chloe had been on a break, Chloe saw red. She explained: "As soon as he said he hadn't been faithful I was taken aback. I have never heard him actually say that to me.

"I feel bad for him because [the split is] not what he wanted and he's hurting... I do feel a little bit down about the whole thing, if I'm honest. I'm not happy about it at all but I haven't got a choice."

Since then, Jake has decided to quit TOWIE, and didn't appear in the show's last series - despite being in Palma, Majorca with the cast when filming had got underway.

He had been recovering following an alleged stabbing incident that occurred over the Bank Holiday at the end of May. Jake had been hospitalised and unconfirmed reports claimed he had almost lost a kidney in the incident.

Following news of his exit, Jake appeared to take a swipe at TOWIE. He cryptically tweeted, as the cast headed to Marbella for series 19: "So happy at the moment coming to places like this gives me a great feeling no fake life with fake people round me! Real love #realisgood."

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