Geordie Shore's Scotty T admits girlfriend Francesca Toole is the "love of his life"

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Never thought you'd hear Geordie Shore's Scotty T dropping the L-word? Well, he has, and not just that.... he's revealed girlfriend Francesca Toole is the "love of his life."

Woah. That's a bold statement, right?

Scotty T and Francesca Toole, Instagram
21 July

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Speaking exclusively to MTV, Scotty opened up about his relationship - something he usually keeps quite low key.

He found himself gushing about Francesca while explaining the dilemma he has now he is romantically involved and also on Geordie Shore.

Scott explained that starring on Geordie Shore and being in a relationship "doesn't work" because you don't get to spend every day with your other half, and things usually get "messed up" as they have to watch you on the show - and sometimes even want to join you on it.

Scott explained that Francesca doesn't want to be on TV, but he did add: "It's hard trying to keep that life on the outside... I do have a love of my life. I have met her. I am seeing her... it's like I do my job on Geordie Shore and when I'm not filming, I'm with her.

"I've got to make that decision whether to take it to the next level or not, because if I do it means not being Scotty T on Geordie Shore anymore and I can't not be myself anymore."

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It's not the first time Scott has spoken about Geordie Shore impacting his love life.

Earlier this year, when he and Francesca were first linked, Scott played down their romance and insisted things were just "casual" between the pair. Scott explained that if he wasn't on Geordie Shore, he'd be in a relationship with Francesca.

He told Daily Mail back in March: "At the end of the day, I am not going to have a relationship where I go to her, 'I'm back on Sunday, oh and by the way I'm away again all of next week and then I'm going away without my mobile phone.' I don't want a relationship like that."

However, since then, things between him and Francesca have appeared to progress. Scott revealed in his recent interview that Francesca has met his mum and his grandma and he is often seen sharing photos of himself and Francesca together on Instagram.

Scott hinted that things are now official with Francesca by referring to her as his "wife" in his Instagram posts, and he recently wrote the following in his online column with Daily Star: "People ask me about my relationship status, and posting a picture of Fran on Instagram is about as official as it gets for me. Yep, she is a winner and puts up with the banter I have on Twitter as she gets that it's just bants."

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