Bear messed ex Lillie Lexie Gregg around before CBB? He kisses another girl on Ex On The Beach

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CBB star Bear seems to have messed ex-girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg around before dumping her for Chloe Khan, and actually kissed another girl behind her back on Ex On The Beach.

Yup, Bear makes a play for Gaz Beadle's ex Chrysten Zenoni in the series finale of the MTV dating show, and Lillie is none the wiser.


Ex On The Beach: Bear kisses Chrysten behind Lillie's back
29 September


Ex On The Beach: Bear kisses Chrysten behind Lillie's back
29 September


It's a bit like déjà vu, isn't it?!

Bear dumped girlfriend Lillie while he was in the Celebrity Big Brother house in August, then hooked up with housemate Chloe Khan, leaving Lillie feeling hurt and embarrassed as they watched from home.

Now, in the latest episode of Ex On The Beach, filmed before CBB, we find it's not the first time Bear has chosen another woman over Lillie.

Fans of EOTB know Bear has been pursuing Lillie since she first arrived on the beach, and after beating Hawley to her affections, he and Lillie seemed to be going pretty strong in the villa. But there is just one issue, as Bear puts it: "Lillie won't put out."

Lillie's reluctance in the bedroom frustrates Bear and he's soon turning his attentions to Gaz's ex Chrysten - who is, ironically, the ex that Gaz actually cheated on Lillie with when they were dating.

He says: "Lillie's great. She's beautiful, she's kind... but Chrysten - she's sexy, she's raunchy, I want to rip her little panties off."

Bear then grabs his chance and follows Chrysten into the bathroom while she is putting her make-up on. He tells her: "I'm in a dilemma, I really fancy you, but I'm sort of seeing Lillie, but it's really hard. Do you fancy me? Do you want to be my little secret?"

He and Chrysten then kiss and she admits: "It's quite exciting having a secret kiss that no one can see."

The only thing is, though, someone did see. Conor Scurlock happened to catch the pair snogging when he popped down to the bathroom to use the toilet - although, he doesn't actually call the pair out there and then.

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Thinking they've got away with it, Bear and Chrysten then make the most of some alone time when they are sent out on a jet skiing date, where Bear tells Chrysten he really wants to, err, "ride" her. He then says that he thinks the pair are "like a love story", telling Chrysten that he hopes they get together in the end.

Although he shares a different story privately to the camera: "I want to f**k Chrysten and then I want to go back to Lillie and give her a cuddle... Lillie is not putting out."

Bear and Chrysten then discuss the possibility of someone finding out about their secret trysts, and Chrysten points out that Conor must have cottoned on when he saw them together in the bathroom. Bear, meanwhile, insists he'll deny everything if he's asked about Chrysten, and she promises not to say anything either.

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But, of course, this is Ex On The Beach and the truth *always* comes out.

Unluckily for Bear, he later chooses to wind Conor up while the gang are having a party on the beach, but it only comes back to bite him. Conor tells the camera: "He's full of sh*t. He's a slippery snake."

Bear cuddles Lillie and calls her a princess, prompting Conor to say while pointing at Chrysten: "Which one's a princess?"

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He adds to the camera: "I know exactly what is going on. Bear you've f**ked with the wrong person. I'm too smart for you."

Addressing the group, Conor tells everyone he wants to tell them a story and says to Bear: "Chrysten's downstairs doing her make-up yesterday, I go downstairs into the bedroom and see in the reflection you're [Bear] kissing her in the bathroom. Explain that one to me. Talk to me now Bear... kissing her in the bathroom behind [Lillie's] back."

Bear, like he said he would, denies it and says in response: "Maybe you wanted to kiss her and you're seeing things." But he then gets busted when Chrysten admits the kiss to the group, leaving Lillie in tears once more.

"I didn't expect that," Lillie says. "I'm so embarrassed." Bear, meanwhile, blames Lillie. He tells the camera: "Lillie, you've pushed me to this. Sorry babe."

Ex On The Beach concludes Tuesday 4 October at 10pm on MTV.

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