Exclusive: Love Island's Olivia Buckland strips naked but rules out Playboy! "No! Alex would close it down"

Published Tuesday, Sep 27 2016, 12:16 BST  |  By and Jacqueline Kilikita  |  Add comment
Love Island's Olivia Buckland has stripped right off for her latest shoot with Reveal, but what does her boyfriend Alex Bowen make of her getting her kit off?

Proving that she isn't phased by those who criticise her bod, Olivia chose to pose completely naked with us to hit back at those who have been body shaming her on social media.

There's no denying she oozes self confidence when it comes to going full frontal, but when we ask if Playboy is on the cards next, she is quick to say no - adding that Alex would definitely put his foot down!

Olivia Buckland's naked shoot with Reveal,
27 September

© Reveal/Liz Gregg

Olivia joked: "Playboy? I don't think that's on the cards to be honest. No! Alex would close down Playboy if that happened!"

Speaking exclusively to us behind-the-scenes on her shoot, Olivia revealed that when she had told Alex she would be naked, he wasn't exactly all for the idea.

She said: "When I told him, he immediately thought lads' mag! I said, 'Number one, they don't exist anymore and two, I wouldn't do that anyway.' But when I told him [what I was doing] he said it was a good idea, seeing as what's been said - especially on Instagram."

Love Island's Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland
Sept 2016

© Instagram / @oliviadbuck

Olivia with boyfriend Alex.

Olivia has had her fair share of negative comments online when it comes to her appearance, and she has been accused of editing her pictures before posting them on social media - something which she has strongly denied.

Olivia has said in the past that she feels forced to defend her snaps, as she doesn't want her fans to think she is lying to them.

Olivia Buckland's naked shoot with Reveal,
27 September

© Reveal/Liz Gregg

Olivia Buckland's naked shoot with Reveal,
27 September

© Reveal/Liz Gregg

By posing totally in the nude, Olivia explained it's a way for her to show off the "real her."

Reveal Cover Issue 39
She told us: "It's quite a nice thing for me to do - to finally say, 'I'm real, this is me, here you go.'

"I'm doing it to ignore the haters and for people to [feel] comfortable with their body too."

And sharing her plans to keep her modesty covered while doing so, Olivia joked: "It's all about the hand placement! I'll just have to use the hands."

Olivia's naked shoot with us comes after she and boyfriend Alex recently moved in together in their Essex home.

They invited us to their pad for a catch up and in case you missed it, you can catch up on all the goss (including plenty of engagement talk) here.

FYI... they've already picked the ring!

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