Ex On The Beach: Jordan Davies is SENT HOME by Charlotte Dawson

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Ex On The Beach: It's all over for Jordan Davies as he is SENT HOME by Charlotte Dawson...

He and Charlotte may have hit it off on their date in the last episode of the show, but it seems like Jordan's decision to ditch her and get into bed with Gaz Beadle's former flame Chrysten Zenoni comes back to bite him.

He is sent to the beach alongside Charlotte and Jem Lucy, and when Charlotte's ex Alex arrives out of the sea, she has a big decision to make. Charlotte has to choose one boy to immediately sned home, but who will she choose? Jordan or Alex?

Jordan Davies is sent home from Ex On The Beach
27 September


Alex, who used to be in the army, is Charlotte's ex of six years. He admits that she is his "weakness" and Charlotte had previously told Bear that she was hoping her ex would show up - explaining that she was hoping to get back with him.

Seeing Alex again, Charlotte runs up to him and tells him she loves him.

Charlotte Dawson's ex Alex Stewart, Ex On The Beach
27 September


Although, the moment is kind of ruined by the Tablet of Terror when it orders Charlotte to choose either Alex or Jordan to leave. She's torn and hoping to make things a little easier for her, Jordan decides to be a gentleman and puts himself up for the chop.

Charlotte then gets sent on a date with her ex-beau and she decides not to tell Alex about her antics with both Jordan and Bear in the villa. Charlotte had enjoyed a bit of a fling with Bear too, before he dumped her to pursue Lillie Lexie Gregg instead.

Their date seems to be a success, as Charlotte and Alex end up kissing - could this be the start of them rekindling things?!

Charlotte Dawson and Alex Stewart get sent on a date, Ex On The Beach
27 September


Back at the villa, Jem announces Jordan's exit and the rest of the group are shocked to hear he has left.

He's not the only one to go, though, as Jem later finds herself being axed from the show following a row with Kayleigh Morris.

Jem Lucy and Kayleigh Morris fight, Ex On The Beach
27 September


Things have been tense between Jem and Kayleigh ever since Kayleigh arrived at the villa. She had clashed with Jem, after calling her a "confetti condom gone wrong", and things become heated between the pair again when Kayleigh walks in on Jem in bed with her ex Ashley Cain (who she still has feelings for).

It kicks off and in retaliation, Kayleigh decides to throw Jem's belongings into the pool. When she makes a comment about Jem's appearance, a fight breaks out and the girls have to be separated by security.

Jem is removed from the villa and later told she cannot return. Fans may have already known this, though, as Jem recently confirmed her exit on Twitter. She replied to a fan that said they were "gutted" to hear she had been axed, Jem said: "Yeah, at least I go out with a bang tho!!! F**k fading in to the background (sic)."

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 27 September at 10pm on MTV.

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