Ex On The Beach: Kayleigh Morris brands Jem Lucy a "dirty skank" after catching her having sex with Ashley Cain

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Ex On The Beach: Kayleigh Morris and Jem Lucy are at loggerheads again, after she catches Jem in bed with her ex-beau Ashley Cain.

Turns out Jem and Ash are actually getting it on in Kayleigh's bedroom, and she's not best pleased.

Jem Lucy and Kayleigh Morris clash, Ex On The Beach
22 September


Ash and Jem sneak off together and start doing the deed, with Jem commenting: "Sex with Ashley is f**king dirty and that's how I like it."

They are soon interrupted by Kayleigh walking into the bedroom and when she laughs at the situation, things start to get heated as Jem hits back: "You think that's funny?"

"What's funny?" Kayleigh says. "I walk in to you f**king Ashley - that's funny." She then adds privately: "Wait, you're naked in bed with the guy I care about. Are you taking the f**king piss, you dirty f**king skank."

Kayleigh tells Jem: "It's my f**king bedroom... I did't f**king know you were going to be shagging in here. Are you f**king joking?"

She then asks Jem: "How many is that now?" Jem replies that sleeping with Ashley, means she has still only slept with two people (Ash previously and Gaz Beadle on her first night in the villa), but Kayleigh fires back: "That's still two more than me, babe."

To the camera, Kayleigh says: "Jemma and Ashley equal disgusting... she can f**k off, he can f**k off and they can both f**k off together."

Kayleigh Morris, Ex On The Beach
22 September


Clearly wound up, Kayleigh then decides to get her own back on Jem and throw her stuff in the pool. She claims: "Karma's a bitch and I'm going to show her exactly how vicious I can be."

Kayleigh and Jem have got history, meaning Jem is definitely not going to let that go quietly. After hearing Kayleigh had likened her to a "confetti condom gone wrong", she lashed out at her and grabbed her hair, before Jordan had to intervene and separate the girls.

Reports have said that Kayleigh and Jem's latest bust up leads to Jem being removed from the villa, after they get into a 'violent row' where Jem allegedly 'grabs Kayleigh's throat.'

MTV declined to comment, but Jem appeared to confirm her exit on Twitter. When one fan tweeted to say they were "gutted" to hear she had been axed, Jem replied: "Yeah, at least I go out with a bang tho!!! F**k fading in to the background (sic)."

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 27 September at 10pm on MTV.

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