Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy confirms she was axed from the show following fallout with Kayleigh Morris

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Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy has confirmed that she was axed from the show, after explosively falling out with her co-star Kayleigh Morris.

Reports had claimed Jem Lucy's exit will soon air on MTV, as she gets into a 'violent row' with Kayleigh and has to be removed from the villa by security.

MTV provided no comment on the claims, but now Jem has appeared to confirm that will be the case.

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Reacting to the reports, a fan had tweeted Jem to say they were "gutted" to hear she had been sent home. Jem replied: "Yeah, at least I go out with a bang tho!!! F**k fading in to the background (sic)."

What on earth happens?!

Jem Lucy confirms axe from Ex On The Beach
20 September


A source told Daily Star: "Security had to come in and escort her out, before sending her to isolation for two days after which producers eventually told her she had been axed."

It's thought she gets into a scrap with Kayleigh, during which it's been alleged Jem 'grabs her throat.'

Fans will know that there has been no love lost between Jem and Kayleigh so far in the villa. The girls came to blows on Kayleigh's arrival, after she remarked that Jem looks like a "confetti condom gone wrong."

Jem confronted Kayleigh over her comments, and Kayleigh accused Jem of slagging her off in the past. Things escalated and Jem lashed out, grabbing Kayleigh's hair and prompting Jordan Davies to step in and break the girls up.

Kayleigh Morris, Ex On The Beach
22 September


This time round, it seems Kayleigh and Jem clash over Ashley Cain.

Ash is Kayleigh's ex and she ends up catching him and Jem having sex. A new video shared by MTV shows Kayleigh reacting and she says: "You are naked in bed with a guy that I care about. Are you taking the f**king piss? You dirty f**king skank."

She then promises to show Jem "how vicious she can be" - going head to head with Jem? That's never going to end well, is it?

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 27 September at 10pm on MTV.

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