Ex On The Beach: Does anybody actually know Chrysten Zenoni's name?!

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Ex On The Beach: Does anybody actually know new arrival Chrysten Zenoni's real name? You wouldn't think so, the amount of times they kept on getting it wrong...

Yup. That awkward moment when you can't remember your date's name happened a whopping THREE times to Chrysten after she joined the villa.

Was it Kirsten or Christine? CHRYSTEN, guys. CHRYSTEN.

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It's not like it's a totally out there name to have, so we did wonder why the boys kept struggling so much to get it right - even if it did provide all the lols, Jordan Davies we are looking at you.

Ashley Cain was the first to make the error. He had been sent out on a tantra date with Chrysten (that's basically yoga and karma sutra put together), but after getting up close and personal with her, he still couldn't remember her name correctly.

Introducing Chrysten to the rest of the group back at the villa, Ashley said: "Guys, this is Kirsten... Chrysten."

Luckily nobody noticed his slip up, but that's probably because they were all dying to know whether Chrysten had slept with Gaz while he was dating ex-girlfriend Lillie Gregg. Gaz had admitted doing so off camera, but denied he had to Lillie's face.

Although, he started acting pretty awkwardly around her and she wasn't convinced. Bear then asked Chrysten the question everyone wanted to know the answer to, and Chrysten revealed she and Gary had slept together while he was with Lillie.

Ashley Cain, Ex On The Beach
20 September


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Lillie broke down in tears, and understandably left the room, leaving Gaz to admit his wrong doing. Cue another name fail...

He told the group: "Obviously I admit it. I got with Kirsten every time I went to Australia..."

Gaz has known Chrysten for over a YEAR and claims they got together every time he was in Oz, but he still can't get her name right? #awkward. What's more baffling, though, is still nobody picked up on it, not even Chrysten.

We'd so be correcting them all, you?

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Our favourite slip up, though, had to be Jordan. After one drink too many, he was confident he could charm Chrysten - despite insisting he was going to stay loyal to Charlotte Dawson after their perfect date.

Sharing his plans to make a move on Chrysten with the camera, a cocky Jordan said: "Thank f**k Charlotte's got too pissed and gone to bed early, as that leaves me to swoop in and crack on with Christine."

He looked SO smug with himself. Little did he know, he had us laughing for all the wrong reasons. If you haven't yet seen episode six, you should just for that. We've got it on repeat!

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 27 September at 10pm on MTV.

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