Ex On The Beach: Jordan Davies "swoops in" on Chrysten, after promising to stay loyal to Charlotte Dawson

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Ex On The Beach: Jordan didn't waste any time when it came to "swooping in" on Gaz Beadle's ex Chrysten Zenoni: but did he forget that he'd promised to stay loyal to Charlotte Dawson?!

Charlotte has already been dumped by Bear on the show, after he decided he fancies Lillie Gregg more, and seemed to fall for Jordan during their fly boarding date on the beach. She cheekily quipped that Jordan deserved "more than a spoon" after impressing her, but little did she know that while she was asleep, he was already cracking on with Chrysten.


Ex On The Beach: Jordan Davies
20 September


Hours earlier, Jordan had been locking lips with Charlotte and the pair ended up getting a little frisky in the penthouse, with Jordan telling Jem Lucy there had been a bit of "f*ngering and fondling" going on between the pair.

He then suggested that he wanted things to progress with himself and Char, and when Jem questioned whether he'd ditch her for Chrysten, Jordan insisted he wouldn't. He was adamant he was going to stay with Charlotte and told her: "Chrysten's fit as f**k, but I am going to stick with Charlotte."

Jordan added: "For once in here, you know what I've realised, I've actually matured. I'm not trying to sh*g every girl."

Oh Jordan, Jordan, Jordan.

He was bound to land himself right in it with that comment wasn't he?!

Ex On The Beach: Jordan Davies and Chrysten Zenoni
20 September


Charlotte had fallen asleep in the penthouse and realising he had a chance to make a move on Chrysten, Jordan did just that. He told the camera: "Thank f**k Charlotte has got too pissed and gone to bed early, as it leaves me to swoop in and crack on with Christine."

Chrysten, Jordan. It's Chrysten.

It had come out that Gaz had cheated on ex-girlfriend Lillie with Chrysten and while he was trying to deal with a heartbroken Lillie, Jordan joined Chrysten for a chat.

He told her: "I haven't had sex with anyone. I've been the good boy becuase I don't want to be the boy jumping from bed to bed to bed."

Turning on the charm, he then said: "And I've actually been waiting for a girl who's my type to come along. Now I've seen you I'm thinking it's been worth the wait."

Ex On The Beach: Chrysten, Gaz Beadle's ex arrives
15 September


Ex On The Beach: Jordan Davies and Chrysten Zenoni kiss in bed
20 September


His talk seemed to win her over and Chrysten revealed privately: "Jordan's really cute and he has a great personality, I actually quite fancy him."

Next thing you know, they've jumped into bed together and are kissing under the duvet, while a snoozing Charlotte is totally oblivious.

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 27 September at 10pm on MTV.

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