Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy breaks down in tears over Lillie Lexie Gregg and Hawley kiss

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Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy is left in tears after learning her ex-boyfriend Hawley has kissed Lillie Lexie Gregg.

After cooling things off with Holly Rickwood, Hawley revealed he fancies Lillie. He's not the only one as Bear likes Lillie too, but Hawley is hoping he can steal her away from him.

He gets the opportunity to let Lillie know how he feels when the pair are sent out on a date, and things seem to go well for Hawley as he ends up locking lips with Lillie - leaving her torn between him and Bear.

Ex On The Beach: Lillie Lexie Gregg and Hawley kiss on date
20 September


Not surprisingly, Bear is disappointed to hear that Lillie and Hawley have kissed, while Jem admits she's fuming as she was planning on rekindling her relationship with her ex.

Things had been left bitter between Jem and Hawley following their split, but after calling a truce to stop doing things to spite each other, she had hoped they could get back on track.

Hawley, meanwhile, had pretty much ruled out a reunion with Jem and his date with Lillie seems to cement in his head that Jem is not the girl he wants. He says: "The more time I spend with Lillie, it's made us realise she's the type of lass that I want... not Jemma."

Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy cries over Lillie Lexie Gregg and Hawley's kiss
20 September


Jem, however can't bear the thought of Hawley and Lillie getting together while she has to live with them in the villa.

She takes Lillie aside for a heart-to-heart and breaks down in tears, as she admits that she's still in love with Hawley.

Hawley sees Jem talking to Lillie and immediately sees red. He thinks that she is trying to ruin his chances with Lillie and takes it upon himself to interrupt the girls' chat. He then upsets Jem by calling her "fake" and she is left in tears as Charlotte Dawson and Olivia Walsh try to comfort her.

Will Lillie choose to leave things with Hawley after seeing how upset Jem is?

Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy cries over Lillie Lexie Gregg and Hawley's kiss
20 September


Awkwardly, Jem has already hooked up with Lillie's ex.

She and Gaz Beadle (Lillie's ex of nearly two years) slept together on their very first night in the villa and after admitting she and Lillie are friends, Jem said Lillie was "just going to have to deal" with the fact that she and Gaz hooked up.

She said: "I do know Lillie, this is the thing, in a different situation I might have thought, 'I shouldn't really go there,' but who's to say she's not going to come in and get with my ex? I know there's no guarantee and also, I only know her again from going out. Twice I've met her."

Lillie was shocked to hear Jem had bedded Gaz when she later arrived at the villa. Jem did make sure to tell Lillie what had happened with herself and Gaz, but Lillie hit back that there was no need for Jem to sleep with him.

She said: "Everybody gets drunk, it doesn't mean you go and sleep with your friend's ex boyfriend. I appreciate you telling me. But just because it says go to the penthouse doesn't mean you have to sleep with that person."

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 20 September at 10pm on MTV.

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