Ex On The Beach: Jordan Davies kisses newcomer Chrysten AFTER heading to the penthouse with Charlotte Dawson

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Ex On The Beach: Jordan Davies may get a little frisky with Charlotte Dawson in the penthouse, but just hours later he's kissing newcomer Chrysten Zenoni under the sheets...

This is NOT going to end well for him, is it?!

Jordan Davies arrival on Ex On The Beach, Series Five
10 August


Following a night with Holly Rickwood in the penthouse, Jordan is sent out on a second date with Charlotte and is soon kissing her instead.

In fact, he seems pretty smitten with her and not only do the pair lock lips, but Jordan also declares he will stay loyal to Charlotte while in the villa. After whisking her to the penthouse straight after their fly boarding date at the beach, Jordan tells Jem Lucy that he is adamant he will stick by Charlotte and won't get with any other girls in the villa.

Famous last words, eh Jordan?

Later that same day, he leaves Charlotte sleeping and climbs into bed with the villa's new arrival, Chrysten - another of Gaz Beadle's exes.

Ex On The Beach: Jordan Davies and Chrysten Zenoni kiss in bed
20 September


They kiss and we're predicting a LOT of drama. After all, Jordan did exclusively tell Reveal that he gets himself into a very awkward situation with a few of the girls on the show.

He said: "Obviously I wasn't really looking for love, but put it this way, I end up getting with a few girls over a few nights and when you see what happens, I will not be in this country. I will be abroad somewhere hiding away from everything. I know it's going to be horrible."

"I'm going to get terrorised on Twitter and all social media," he predicted.

Holly, Charlotte, Chrysten - that's already three girls. Does this mean it's about to all kick off?!

Jordan Davies and Charlotte Dawson date, Ex On The Beach
20 September


Jordan and Charlotte had headed to the penthouse just hours before he kisses Chrysten.

We can't imagine Charlotte is going to take the news lightly when she finds out about Jordan and Chrysten - especially after already being dumped by Bear for another girl.

Bear had cooled things off with Charlotte after deciding he fancies Lillie Gregg more, prompting her to hit out at him and blast that he has a "tiny d*ck."

She admitted that she regrets ever going there with her co-star and when Bear suggested Charlotte wanted him to be her boyfriend, she hit back: "You're a f**king gimp. I don't want a f**king relationship with you at all. I think you're acting like I'm more bothered than I am."

As for Chrysten, she finds herself wrapped in a whole other drama, as Gaz Beadle confessed that he had actually cheated on Lillie with Chrysten.

He denies it to Lillie when she starts probing him, but Chrysten admits she did sleep with Gaz while he and Lillie were dating - causing Lillie to break down in tears and brand her ex-boyfriend a "horrible person."

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 20 September at 10pm on MTV.

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