Ex On The Beach: Olivia Walsh and Gaz Beadle finally hook up after he gets closure from Lillie Lexie Gregg

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Ex On The Beach: Olivia Walsh is left a little relieved after Gaz Beadle decides to take their romance up a notch and head to the penthouse.

Fans of the show will know that Olivia and Gaz have been enjoying a bit of a fling, but things got oh-so-awkward when Gaz's ex Lillie Lexie Gregg arrived. Olivia had heard from Lillie how heartbroken she was over her relationship with Gary and didn't have the heart to tell her that she and Gaz had been getting together in the villa.

Of course, the truth finally came out and Lillie was left hurt to hear that Olivia had kept it from her and she admitted she felt "uncomfortable" when she had to watch the pair kiss during a game of truth or dare.

Ex On The Beach: Gaz Beadle and Olivia Walsh
20 September


Now, though, Gaz has given Olivia the green light and picks up their romance after getting closure from ex-girlfriend Lillie.

He decides that after clearing the air with Lillie, he won't be hurting her feelings by pursuing things with Olivia and thinks it's safe to start cracking on with his co-star again. And as things pick up for him and Olivia, Gaz's behaviour doesn't go unnoticed.

The housemates are happy to see him back to his old self again and Ashley Cain predicts that could result in Gaz and Olivia having sex. He tells Olivia: "You're going to get f**ked tonight."


Secretly, though, Olivia is pretty pleased and she soon finds herself in bed with Gary in the penthouse... We think we call all gather what happens next, you?

Ex On The Beach: Gaz Beadle and Olivia Walsh in the penthouse
20 September


Gaz and Olivia's romance heating up comes after he and Lillie finally got to discuss their break up.

Since splitting in November last year, the pair hadn't spoken and Lillie was keen to ask Gary why he had ended things with her. In an emotional heart-to-heart, Lillie questioned whether Gary had been real with her when they were dating (he insisted he had been), and Gaz explained his reasons for their split.

He told Lillie: "That was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make in my whole life. The point where we were in our relationship or picking work, the only thing I'm f**king half good at in my life. And that's what I got used to. I just had to pick at the time what was best for me, as hard as that was, and it meant leaving you."

Gaz added that he was "ashamed" at hurting Lillie and apologised for the way he had treated her following their break up. She accepted his apology. Lillie said: "I can accept you're sorry. The second I got on the beach I could see guilt in your eyes. I knew you felt bad. I get that."

"Sometimes the best people in your life do hurt you," she added. "The best memories of my life are with you."

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