Exclusive: EOTB's Charlotte Dawson admits Bear dumping made her feel "really insecure"

Published Wednesday, Sep 14 2016, 12:38 BST  |  By and Jacqueline Kilikita  |  Add comment
How does Ex On The Beach star Charlotte Dawson really feel about that dumping from Stephen Bear on the show?

Fans of EOTB will know that Charlotte and Bear had got together, and he had seemed pretty keen on her. In fact, they both seemed really into each other so you can imagine why Charlotte would feel a little upset to hear Bear had set his sights on someone else.

That someone was his now ex Lillie Lexie Gregg and wanting to make a play for her instead, Bear called off his romance with Charlotte, telling her that he doesn't want a girlfriend.

EOTB Series 5, Episode 5: Bear ends things with Charlotte
13 Sept 2016


To put it bluntly, Bear revealed that he fancied Lillie more and told Charlotte he shouldn't have "strung her along", suggesting she thought their fling was "something more" than what he did, a "spoon and a blow job" - his words.

Charlotte, however, hit back that she didn't want a boyfriend and was confused why Bear had thought that. She told him: "I don't want a f**king relationship with you at all. I think you're acting like I'm more bothered than I am. Obviously I like you and think you're fit and we get on, but the main thing is, I know, I have a feeling someone will come in, maybe my ex, who I do want to get back with."

And just to hit him where it hurts, she added: "I completely regret going there with Bear. What was the f**king point anyway? He's got a tiny d**k."


Now, several months have passed since filming wrapped up for Ex On The Beach and catching up with Charlotte recently, she told us how she really feels about being dumped by Bear.

EOTB Series 5, Episode 5: Bear ends things with Charlotte
13 Sept 2016


Speaking exclusively to Reveal at the Jeans for Genes event, Charlotte said: "I was very very drunk, obviously but I was upset to be honest."

"No girl likes being mugged off and it was just so sh*t," she admitted. "I felt really insecure. The thing is, I heard him say, 'I want to f**k her off,' so he purposely set out to annoy me – he planned it, which is horrible and rude! We had an argument afterwards and I should have thrown my drink over him but I didn't want to waste it on Bear!"

As for where things stand between the duo now, she told us the pair are "just friends" and there's "no texting back" and "zero flirting."

Meanwhile, on the show, Charlotte doesn't seem to dwell on their failed romance too long. She instead sets her sights on Jordan Davies, admitting she fancies him after the pair are sent out on a second date...

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 20 September at 10pm on MTV.

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