EOTB: Conor Scurlock brands Jordan Davies "desperate" as he spends the night with Holly Rickwood

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Ex On The Beach: Conor Scurlock branded Jordan Davies "desperate" after he spent the night with his ex Holly Rickwood in the penthouse.

Nobody wants to see their ex hooking up with someone else, and when Holly headed off to the penthouse with Jordan, her ex of six months Conor tried to make out he wasn't bothered by the pair spending the night alone together, saying: "He's desperate. He's gone for my sloppy seconds."

Ex On The Beach: Conor Scurlock reacts to Holly Rickwood and Jordan Davies
13 September


It all started with a game of truth or dare, and Conor appeared to rub Holly up the wrong way - meaning she was out for revenge.

Jordan had asked Conor who he would rather spoon: Holly or Kayleigh Morris? After learning from Jem Lucy that Holly has been sleeping with Hawley, Conor decided to pick Kayleigh and that led to his ex losing her cool.

Holly screamed: "Are you having a laugh? Who the f**k does Conor think he is?" She then asked him: "Even if you were pretending why wouldn't you just say me? F**king joking. Are you joking me?"

Ex On The Beach: Holly Rickwood and Conor Scurlock row over truth or dare
13 September


Conor, meanwhile, told the camera: "She thinks she can sleep with a geezer and I would pick her to go to the penthouse. Is she mad? Holly is a lunatic."

After lashing out at Conor, security was forced to intervene with the help of Jordan to separate Holly from her ex-beau. Speaking to Charlotte Dawson, she vented her frustration at Conor and said: "I don't care if you want to sh*g Kayleigh but just say me. You've only been here five minutes and you're trying to make me look like a mug."

Gaz Beadle then gave Holly the opportunity to get her own back and asked her: "Would you rather f**k Jordan or get back with Conor?"

Holly's response? "Definitely rather f**k Jordan. I'll do it right now... Two can play that game."

Ex On The Beach: Holly Rickwood and Jordan Davies
13 September


Jordan was obviously keen and whisked Holly straight off to the penthouse, leaving Conor slightly baffled. He muttered: "F**king bonkers mate."

Awkward, much?

EOTB Series 5, Episode 5
Holly and Jordan
13 Sept 2016


Things between Conor and Holly hadn't got off to the best start, as she was quick to accuse him of cheating on her when he surprised her on the beach. Conor denied he had and told Holly she had "no proof", labelling her a "nutcase."

He revealed that he had intended to pick things up with Holly while in the villa, but after hearing about her and Hawley getting together, he's decided to keep his options open...

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 20 September at 10pm on MTV.

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