Ex On The Beach's Conor Scurlock has his say on ex Holly Rickwood: "She's always on my case"

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Ex On The Beach's Conor Scurlock has plenty to say about his ex Holly Rickwood and something tells us she's not going to be best pleased when she hears it...

The pair have dated in the past for six months and while Holly has accused Conor of cheating (he claims he didn't), Conor has said Holly is a "a bit of a bunny boiler."

We can't see their reunion going too well, you?

Ex On The Beach: Conor Scurlock arrives as Holly Rickwood's ex
13 September


Speaking about his old flame in a video shared by MTV, Conor doesn't hold back. He says: "Holly, she's a f**king nightmare to be honest. She's a lunatic. She's like a little Jack Russell, she's always barking. She's always on my case like, 'Ra, ra, ra what the f**k are you doing Conor?'"

"She won't leave me alone," he claims. "She's just a bit of a bunny boiler. That's all I can call her really."

Yikes. That's not the first time Holly has been called a "bunny boiler" as Hawley labelled her the same following their fallout over Jem Lucy...

Holly and Conor come face-to-face following his surprise arrival on Ex On The Beach. His appearance doesn't go down well with Holly and she accuses Conor of cheating on her, but he tells her she's a "nutcase" and has "no proof."

Tensions between the pair then rise when Jem lets slip that Holly has been sleeping with her ex-beau Hawley, and Holly later hooks up with Jordan Davies - telling the group that she'd rather sleep with Jordan over her ex #awkward.

Ex On The Beach: Conor Scurlock, Holly Rickwood
13 September


Here's what we know about Conor so far...

Well he's 22 years old, is from London and is a club promoter and if anyone wanted to know what that entails, he says: "I fill the club with the girls and I party every week."

His job, though, isn't all perks and Conor admits it has put him off girls when it comes to dating. Explaining his relationship history hasn't exactly been a pleasant one, Conor admits: "I've had one or two serious girlfriends and I don't really trust anyone."

"What I do for a job, I'm out with girls every night of the week," he says. "I see what they get up to, so at the minute, I keep girls off the radar."

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 13 September at 10pm on MTV.

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