Exclusive: Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead admits it was "easy to forget" being in love with ex Alex Mytton

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Made In Chelsea: Binky Felstead has said it was "easy to forget" being in love with Alex Mytton, admitting she no longer has any feelings towards her ex-boyfriend.

Binky and Alex had dated previously, and their relationship caused a huge stir after Alex admitted to cheating on Binky several times while they were together. She had tried to make their romance work, following his confession, but in the end decided that she wasn't happy.

Since then, both Binky and Alex have moved on but they have managed to get back on track as friends. And now that they are both single again, the pair had sparked dating rumours recently after Binky shared a photo of herself and Alex to Instagram. She has, however, ruled out any romance between the pair and exclusively told Reveal that she "doesn't remember" being in love with Alex...

Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton, Instagram
31 August

© Instagram / @binkyfelstead

We asked Binky how she finds being around her ex-beau, given that they work together and share the same circle of friends, but she insisted she doesn't find it awkward at all.

Explaining the situation between herself and Alex, Binky said: "We're friends. He came to me a lot about his issues in his ex relationship. If I liked him still, if there were any feelings there, I probably wouldn't be able to talk to him like that and give him advice. But, because there's nothing there whatsoever with me and him anymore, it's really easy to forget about the past.

"I don't find it awkward. I wouldn't be able to be friends with him if I found him attractive or had any feelings for him, or wanted us to get back together."

Binky added: "I find it funny that everyone thinks it's awkward between us. I can't actually remember going out with the guy and I don't remember being in love with him. I just don't remember it. I don't find him, bless him, attractive in that way at all and I'm sure he says the same thing about me."

"We were always good friends when we were going out, more than lovers," the reality star insisted. "That's why it's so easy to forget."

Josh JP Patterson and Binky Felstead, Instagram
21 March

© Instagram / @binkyfelstead

Alex Mytton and Nicola Hughes during filming, Instagram
11 May

© Instagram / @nicolamhughes

Following her relationship with Alex, Binky went on to date another of her co-stars, Josh JP Patterson. However MIC fans saw JP and Binky split last series.

JP had ended their relationship after learning Binky had enjoyed a big night out and had kissed someone else. JP told Binky that he couldn't forgive her, he said: "There's nothing more I can do. It doesn't matter how much I love you... maybe the time is wrong and I'm not the person you need to be with. I can't forgive you for this... not now."

Alex, meanwhile, dated ex-girlfriend Nicola Hughes. He confirmed their split during Made In Chelsea's South of France summer spinoff, revealing he had dumped Nicola via text message.

Nicola has since ruled out a reunion with Alex. Speaking to new! magazine about her co-star ex, she said: "I would never lower myself to getting back with him. I hope he finds whoever makes him happy. I thought I was pretty good, but obviously not."

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