Charlotte Crosby in tears on Celebs Go Dating as she confesses: "I get lonely"

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Charlotte Crosby ended up in tears on the latest episode of Celebs Go Dating after admitting she gets "lonely" and her outrageous behaviour is sometimes because she worries about acceptance.

The celebrities looking for love – including Joey Essex and Stephanie Pratt – all took part in a group therapy session to recap what they'd learned from the show as they head into the final week.

For Charlotte, it meant questioning why she spoke about OTT things like anal bleaching and wetting the bed during first dates.

Charlotte Crosby cries on Celebs Go Dating
9 Sept 2016

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As she welled up with tears, former Geordie Shore star Charlotte admitted: "I think it's what people expect of us because people think that's just us, over exaggerating it and egging it.

"It's not really us, just what people like about us so we think it's how we have to behave because we think maybe we won't be accepted any other way."

Charlotte then privately admitted: "In the past I have been hurt a lot and it's not a nice feeling and I haven't felt loved or felt like I've been with someone who wanted to actually be with me and only me, so it's a bit upsetting and sometimes it's a bit lonely."

Charlotte Crosby cries on Celebs Go Dating
9 Sept 2016

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The star's latest date on the show was with fish factory worker Brad, but was a mixed experience for Char. Although she really liked him and thought he was very good looking, she seemed a bit worried that he wasn't telling her everything.

First she found out he'd spoken about her to a newspaper, although he pointed out it was all positive. Then he admitted to being just 20 years old, which was a lot younger than Charlotte's ideal man. Finally, he confessed on their latest date that he had a young son, who was about to turn two.

Charlotte told him she had no problem with Brad being a dad, but she wished he had told her earlier.

"I'm honestly not bothered that Brad has a child," said Charlotte. "It's the fact he kept it from us. I've been lied to my whole dating life by boys and I'm sick of it…It's the fact he kept all this from us when there was no need to. I mean, what else is he hiding?"

Char decided she better ask Brad all her important date deal breakers just to be sure which, er, mostly ended up being whether he had a variety of STIs. Lovely.

Celebs Go Dating continues nightly this week on E4.

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