TOWIE: Danielle Armstrong hits back at Courtney Green discussing her split with James Lock

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TOWIE: Danielle Armstrong has hit back at her co-star Courtney Green for discussing her split with James Lock, telling her: "You don't know what has gone on behind closed doors."

At the end of August, Danielle had hinted she and Lockie had split, after sharing a cryptic quote to Instagram. The quote had read: "She loved him and he loved her but it wasn't that simple," and alongside it, Danni had told fans she is now moving on.

She has since confirmed she and Lockie have gone their separate ways and in a new video shared by TOWIE via Twitter, Danni has hit back at Courtney after she shared her opinion on the ex-couple's split.

Danni and Lockie had rekindled their relationship in April, following an eight month break. Referring to the ups and downs they've had throughout their relationship history, Courtney had said about the pair: "They should just cut it off now. You can't go through life breaking up and making up. The amount of times they've broken up, it clearly doesn't work and it clearly shows they just need to move on."

Danni, however, has criticised Courtney for her comments, suggesting that she has no idea what has really gone on between herself and Lockie.

She said: "Everyone gossips about everyone, even I do it. When someone breaks up with someone, you're going to have an opinion, but there's a way of going about it. I know Courtney and Chloe have commented on me and James breaking up and getting back together, breaking up and getting back together - that's how they kind of said it, well Courtney did.

"[Courtney's] a young girl. She probably hasn't got life experience. She probably hasn't had a relationship. Oh, she might have had one before... when she was like twelve. As a 28-year-old woman, yes relationships are bloody hard work. You go back, you go forth but that's all about life experience I suppose, Courtney may know about that when she's 28."

TOWIE's Courtney Green - 4 August 2016

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TOWIE's James 'Lockie' Lock and Danielle Armstrong.
April 2016.

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Danni then added: "A bit of advice, when someone has been in a relationship for a very long time and they have broken up, kind of be a little bit sensitive about the situation. You don't know what has gone on behind closed doors.

"They're not my true friends they don't really know what's gone on with me and James. It's best to keep your opinions to yourself. I'm happy, the girls are cool, but she's a young girl... she's not my mate, I'm not really bothered."

So far, Courtney has not responded to Danielle, but it's not the first time the girls have clashed over Lockie.

Fans will remember, tension surfaced between the co-stars after Courtney had shown an interest in Lockie when the cast had headed to Gran Canaria.

He and Danni had been broken up at the time, but Danni called out Courtney for being "disrespectful" towards the pair's relationship and Courtney was forced to later deny rumours she and Lockie had slept together. He also dismissed the claims.

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