TOWIE's Courtney Green reckons Danielle Armstrong, Lockie should split for good: "It clearly doesn't work"

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TOWIE's Courtney Green has suggested co-stars Danielle Armstrong and James 'Lockie' Lock should break up for good and not reunite.

The couple's romance appears to have hit the rocks again after Danielle hinted at a break-up with Lockie via a cryptic social media posting last week.

TOWIE Series 17, Episode 4
To air 9 March 2016: Lockie and Courtney talk about the rumour they've slept together


Courtney in TOWIE earlier this year.

Speaking to the TOWIE official Twitter account, Courtney said: "I think they've broken up a bit too much to where I think they should just cut it off now because you can't go through life breaking up and making up, can you?"

She added: "The amount of times they've broken up, it clearly doesn't work and it clearly shows they just need to move on."

Courtney also offered some advice for any Lockie admirers now he may be single: keep it to yourself!

"The last time Danni and Lockie broke up I said Lockie was good looking and that didn't really go down too well. Just don't say it. Keep it to yourself!"

Probably good advice! When Courtney joined TOWIE earlier this year, she remarked that Lockie was a good looking boy and she wouldn't mind hanging out with him more. Then came a rumour they'd slept together, which they both vehemently denied.

It led to plenty of drama between Courtney and Danielle before they cleared the air.

The Only Way Is Essex - Danielle and Lockie talk at the Greek party.
Sunday 20 March 2016.


Danni and Lockie in TOWIE.

Danielle hinted at a split from Lockie when she shared a cryptic quote to social media that read: "She loved him and he loved her but it wasn't that simple."

"Lots of people have been asking what's been going on with me and James..." she added. "I really don't want to go into it but feel like I have to as I'm getting asked constantly. This quote pretty much sums us up I'm afraid and I just want to move on in my life now."

Danielle and Lockie split in Marbella last year - just as he'd been about to propose - but after an eight-month break got back together.

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