Stacey Solomon insists she trusts boyfriend Joe Swash "100 percent" - but she doesn't want women kissing him!

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Stacey Solomon has insisted she trusts her boyfriend Joe Swash "100 percent", but that doesn't mean she would be ok with other women kissing her man...

During an appearance on Loose Women, Stacey had been discussing flirting boundaries with the panel and admitted she wouldn't like it if another woman, that she knew, went up to Joe and kissed him in front of her on his face.

She said: "I'm not a jealous person... promise. I'm not that crazy jealous girl, but I wouldn't be able to kiss somebody's husband and be all over somebody's husband... I feel like there's girl code."

Stacey Solomon discusses boyfriend Joe Swash on Loose Women
1 September


Stacey explained that Joe has a naturally friendly persona and can be quite open with people, but that doesn't bother her as she trusts him implicitly.

"Joe is really open and lovely, and I trust him 100 percent," Stacey insisted. "He will kiss everybody. He would kiss people he knows and loves on the lips, he's just really out there.

"He has to be for his job. I wouldn't get angry at that, but I think I would feel funny with a woman who knows me, going up to my man and planting kisses all over his face. I'd laugh, but I'd be like, 'What are you doing?'"

Stacey has been on holiday with Joe and his family recently, and the other panellists asked her how she feels about other women being bikini-clad around her beau.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash on holiday - 31 Aug 2016

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Stacey and Joe pictured together on holiday.

Body confident herself (and we know that as Stacey recently hit back at critics about her appearance on the beach), Stacey revealed that Joe's family like to sunbathe topless overseas. While she claimed she didn't have a problem with that, she did share her concerns at others, not family relatives, being topless around Joe.

Stacey said: "Joe's family don't mind going topless, which I'm all for, that's fine. He gives them all a cuddle, he's desensitised to it, but I couldn't get my boobies out.

"If there was someone who wasn't his sister or his mum there with their boobies out, I would be not jealous... but if Joe was playing in the pool, and he's really friendly, and actually touched them I would be like, 'Hold on a second. These are for you [gesturing at herself], not them!'"

"I wouldn't get jealous because I really do trust him," Stacey stressed. "But I'd get a little bit put out I think."

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon, Loose Women
1 August


Stacey's latest comments come after Joe joined her on Loose Women last month, and the pair spoke candidly about their relationship.

Joe confirmed that he and girlfriend Stacey have discussed marriage and kids in the future, and having more babies is something he would be open to. Joe is already a dad to a child from a previous relationship, while Stacey is a mum of two boys, who each have different dads.

She has previously expressed her concerns over having another child, as she says society has made her feel like she can't now have another child with another man. Joe, however, insisted that didn't phase him.

He said: "It makes me sweat when she talks about babies. No, no... definitely... babies... I think that's a good idea. I've got a child as well with someone else, and as long as you have that child and you're in love and you have that child for the right reasons... then have as many as you want. Crack on."

Stacey and Joe first went public with their relationship back in January, earlier this year. Since then, their romance has been going from strength to strength, with Stacey gushing: "Everyone says we're made for each other."

We couldn't agree more!

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