Ex On The Beach: Holly Rickwood makes cheeky confession about date with Hawley

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Ex On The Beach: Holly Rickwood has made one *very* cheeky confession about her date with Hawley on the show... she wasn't wearing any knickers.


Holly Rickwood, Ex On The Beach 5, MTV
30 August


Taking to Twitter as her date with Hawley aired on MTV, Holly decided to reveal her decision to go undies free with her followers. She tweeted: "Oh and I wasn't wearing any knickers on our first date #OOPS #exonthebeach."

Fans will know that during their date Holly and Hawley (Jem Lucy's ex) had got up pretty close and personal. Not only had the pair shared a kiss, but Hawley had actually licked a shot of whisky off of Holly's thigh.

Luckily, though, Holly managed to cover her modesty by keeping her legs crossed!

She and Hawley made it pretty obvious that they fancied each other, but later had to face the wrath of Jem as pictures of their steamy date were sent back to the villa via the Tablet of Terror.

Jem told Holly she had seen everything, and the girls had to be separated by security after Holly confronted Jem for slagging her off behind her back (like Kayleigh had claimed) and a cat fight ensued.

Ex On The Beach 5: Jem Lucy explodes after ex Hawley dates Holly Rickwood
30 August


Hitting out at Holly, Jem told the camera: "His type is big boobs, tattoos. She's got double As yeah, no tattoos, f**king extensions that fall out on the floor. My hair is real babe. Have you pulled this, yeah? My hair's f**king real."

Holly, meanwhile, wasn't phased and tweeted in response to Jem's rant: "FYI I am soooo proud of my double a's."

Hawley had confronted Jem for lashing out at Holly, and told his ex-girlfriend: "All I've had since I've been here is f**king aggro from you. I've been out and actually enjoyed myself and you're kicking off like that. I think you've got issues Jemma."

She, however, threw her drink at Hawley in response and hit back: "You've got issues you f**king pr**k. Do you fancy Holly? Do you think she's fit? Do you want to bang her?"

Jem and Hawley's relationship has been strained since they split, as Jem has accused Hawley of cheating on her while he claims he didn't. He was left angry to hear that Jem had bedded his pal Gaz Beadle on her first night in the villa, and when the pair had tried to clear the air, Jem further upset Hawley by admitting that she had got together with his best friend Scotty T.

Hawley had vowed to "f**k Jem over", but on his date with Holly he ruled out getting revenge on his ex. He told Holly: "I would like to get revenge [on Jem], but it would be me stooping down to her level. If I get with someone, it's going to be for a genuine purpose... actually liking someone."

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 6 September at 10pm on MTV.

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