CBB's Marnie Simpson: "I'll never leave Geordie Shore and Lewis Bloor supports that"

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It can be tough to balance life in the Geordie Shore house with romance on the outside, but Marnie Simpson has said she'll never leave the MTV show that made her famous... and new boyfriend Lewis Bloor supports and understands that decision.

The 24-year-old told ITV's This Morning that she has no plans to quit Geordie Shore after finishing fourth in this summer's Celebrity Big Brother, and housemate beau Lewis has given his blessing for her to return.

Marnie Simpson on This Morning
30 August 2016


"I don't think I would ever leave Geordie Shore, " she said.

"It's where my roots are. [Lewis and I] spoke about it last night, actually, and he's fine. He's totally fine with me going back and we'll make it work regardless."

Marnie fell for ex-TOWIE star Lewis, 26, during their time together in the CBB house this summer, falling in love within just ten days. Now back in the real world (Lewis finished in tenth place), they had said they want to give their relationship a proper chance.

"I fell in love quite quickly," admitted Marnie. "It's overwhelming, definitely. But we spent so many hours together. You only see an hour a night. We were spending 24 hours a day together. It did happen very quickly but I just went with it."

CBB: Lewis and Marnie talk about sex
19 August 2016

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CBB: Lewis and Marnie talk about sex
19 August 2016

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Marnie said the allegations of "showmance" had confused her and while she'd initially vowed never to hook up in the CBB house, it happened, and people should be happy for her and Lewis.

She explained: "Before I went in I said I wouldn't get in anything too serious with anyone in there as it can sometimes disadvantage you. But what's so wrong about a young boy and girl liking each other. Why does everyone think it has to be fake?"

As for whether she's met her future husband, Marnie would only say: "Possibly! I think coming out we will take things slow, we both have busy schedules, and we just want to have fun and not look too much into it."

She has, however, denied the chance of Lewis joining her on Geordie Shore. "No! Definitely not!" she said last week.

Lewis, meanwhile, has also said he wouldn't want to join the MTV reality series, explaining in the house: "I wouldn't dream of going back on a show like that [Geordie Shore]! I don't want to be on TV!"