CBB's Marnie Simpson won't watch show back: "I'm so embarrassed about the nakedness"

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Marnie Simpson has insisted she WON'T watch any episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

While loads of us probably couldn't resist watching back if we'd been on TV, reality star Marnie has sworn she won't be catching up on any of her CBB series... partly because she's a bit "embarrassed" by all that nudity!

During a post-finale chat with our colleagues at Digital Spy and other reporters, Marnie, 24, was asked how she felt about the number of times she and boyfriend Lewis Bloor, 26, were seen naked.

"I haven't looked back at it and I don't plan on looking back at it!" she said.

"I'm so embarrassed about the nakedness!"

Marnie Simpson at CBB Final
26 August 2016

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We saw Marnie flash her boobs at Saira, go full frontal after a shower with Lewis, try to run across the bedroom starkers, and flash a breast during a boozy night which saw Chloe Khan do a topless pole dance. Lewis, meanwhile, also went full frontal on a couple of occasions and showed off his testicles to housemate Renee Graziano.

"You forget that you're in a house with cameras, you genuinely just think that they're mirrors," said Marnie. "I walked round and I just always thought, 'I'm a little bit naked but I'm in here on my own so no-one's going to be really looking', but I was and people were looking, that's the problem."

The Geordie Shore star did say, however, that not watching herself on TV is nothing new: she doesn't like watching back episodes of Geordie Shore either.

"I never ever watch myself back," she said. "I will not watch one episode of Big Brother when I was in it. I don't know, I just never have. I think if I'd done that… I never watched Geordie Shore either and I think if I did it would affect us. I'd probably have to re-evaluate myself."

Marnie added that while she's a bit embarrassed about getting naked so much, she has no regrets about being open about her sex life or, er, showing off her oral sex skills on a banana!

"No. that's me," she said. "And I always said I was going to go in and do me so I don't feel embarrassed to be me. So I'm fine."

Marnie finished in fourth place on Friday night's finale, which saw controversial Ex On The Beach star Stephen Bear, 26, crowned champion, with former EastEnders star Ricky Norwood, 33, in second place.

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