CBB: Renee throws Bear's heart-shaped peace offering toast in the bin

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Celebrity Big Brother's Renee Graziano has absolutely REFUSED to accept any of Bear's peace offerings ahead of the final.

We all know things have been pretty tense (to say the least) between Renee and Bear over the last few weeks leading to many explosive arguments, drama and Diary Room tears.

CBB Day 28: Renee
25 August 2016

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Renee's still mad at Bear.

On last night's episode, we saw Renee break down and turn to face the wall while talking to Big Brother about Bear's latest antics, which saw him accuse her of conspiring with Sam to remove his lucky mask from the house (she didn't) and him throwing a cream pie in Aubrey's face.

CBB Day 28: Bear
25 August 2016

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And tonight, the frostiness is still VERY much evident.

"I absolutely despise Bear," says Renee in the Diary Room. "I've never met a person who is such a loser."

Bear, however, seems determined to make amends… and goes out of his way to get back on Renee's good side.

Would she like some coffee? She ignores him.

Would she like some breakfast? She ignores him.

CBB Day 28: Bear makes Renee breakfast
25 August 2016

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Bear, however, decides to go ahead and make Renee some toast and, as an extra peace offering, cuts it into heart shapes.

Renee's response? She chucks it in the bin.

She later explains to Ricky that she is keeping her distance from Bear on purpose and has no desire to speak with him. "I hope one day someone will teach him a lesson."

CBB Day 28: Renee and Bear hug
25 August 2016

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But it appears she softens later, perhaps after Aubrey reminds her that being on CBB is a "once in a lifetime thing" and negativity isn't doing her any good: "Leaving with bad feelings will do nothing for you."

Finally, she allows Bear to speak with her and he says: "I don't want anymore agg. I'm bored of it…you hold a grudge… When you're fun you really are! You're thinking too much into all of it…"

Renee then reveals a subtle peace offering of her own: she's made him dinner.

They hug and agree there will be no more drama... but will that really happen?

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