CBB: Lewis surprises Marnie with a phone call... but she doesn't recognise his voice!

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Lewis Bloor has surprised Marnie Simpson by phoning her in the Celebrity Big Brother houseā€¦ not that she recognised his voice at first!

As part of a new task, the housemates have been staging their very own talk show, hosted by Ricky Norwood, including calls from viewers.

CBB: Lewis phones Marnie in the house
24 Augsut 2016

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So, it was the perfect chance for evicted Lewis to call girlfriend Marnie and tell her how much he's missing her.

Without giving his name, the ex-TOWIE star said: "So, Marnie, on a scale of one to ten how much are you missing Lewis?"

CBB: Lewis phones Marnie in the house
24 Augsut 2016

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Not clocking it was Lewis, Marnie said: "Aw, like a million!"

Housemate Aubrey O'Day then gave her a nudge to say she was talking to Lewis, but Marnie said: "Not it's not [him]!"

CBB: Lewis phones Marnie in the house
24 Augsut 2016

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It definitely was Lewis, however, who told her: "I miss you, girl! You and Bear are doing so well. Everyone absolutely loves you. There is a country mile between you two with who is going to win. Bear, I love you, but I want to see Marnie in the number one post."

Marnie replied: "I love you Lewis!"

CBB: Marnie and Lewis share a kiss
18 August 2016

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Lewis and Marnie were inseparable.

Lewis was evicted in last week's double eviction alongside James Whale. He'd struck up a romance with Geordie Shore's Marnie inside the house, exchanging 'I love yous' less than two weeks after meeting.

Appearing on Loose Women after his eviction, Lewis said he has a genuine connection with Marnie but they won't rush things outside the house. "We'll have to wait and see. I'm not someone who likes to rush. Getting this far for me, and meeting someone, is a bit of a result for me. I'm happy with things as they are."

"Falling in love you've got to have your guard up, and even she questioned it at time. I said to her, even my mum would say to you, 'Good for you for not just being soppy all the time. You have to protect yourself.' When we see each other again, if we can somehow find that space that we had in there and replicate some of that magic, then it will be good.

Lewis Bloor gets embarrassed on Loose Women after they reveal they've seen him naked, ITV
22 August


Lewis on Loose Women.

"I feel like you have to trust the person you're with," added Lewis. "When I left, I said to her, 'Don't let your mind wander. I will be here for you the whole time.'"

"100 percent [we'll work at it]," he added. "She's my girlfriend and I'm her boyfriend, that's it. We've said that we need to come out and appreciate that we are going to be busy, her more so than me. She's the star."

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