CBB: Bear refuses to pack a pair of Chloe Khan's knickers that she has left behind

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CBB: Chloe Khan has left behind a pair of her knickers in the house, but Bear refuses to pack them in his case to give to her on the outside.

Throughout their time together in the house, Bear and Chloe had struck up a bit of a romance, so on seeing a pair of her knickers left behind in the house, Renee Graziano suggests that Bear should pack them in his bag so he can return them to Chloe when he leaves.

Bear, however, refuses and doesn't pack them.

CBB: Stephen Bear
24 August

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Does that mean he isn't planning on seeing Chloe when he gets out?

We don't think so. Since then, Bear has been seen talking to Chloe's picture and he admitted that he likes the former X Factor star "a lot."

Marnie Simpson had suggested that Bear and Chloe join her and her boyfriend Lewis Bloor on a double date when they leave the house, and Bear agreed, only if Chloe is up for it too.

The pair were seen talking to the pictures of Lewis and Chloe hanging up on the wall. Bear told Chloe: "Alright Chloe, I really like you. I'd like to see you when we come out."

"[Marnie's] called a [double date], I want you to come," Bear continued. "But it's up to you. I want you to come, but don't get a big head."

Chloe Khan and Stephen bear kiss again, CBB
5 August

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Chloe, meanwhile, has said she is waiting for Bear, like he had asked her to, on the outside.

Their romance was deemed controversial, as Bear had been dating ex-girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg when he entered the house. He later declared that he wants to be single again and was seen publicly moving on with Chloe before she was evicted by the public.

Bear was then confronted by Lillie in the house for "embarrassing" her, and Chloe admitted that she was "glad" Lillie had gone in as it had shown the sensitive side to Bear that she loves.

Chloe also insisted that she had "never intended to hurt Lillie." She told fans on Twitter: "In the house, everything is so intense. It feels like we were there forever and Bear and I were so inseparable. But out here we have different lives.

"He asked me to wait for him and I am, but whatever happens with us is cool and I will always have his back 100 per cent. #Bearwinner2016."

Bear, meanwhile, is in the final of CBB, alongside Marnie, Renee, Aubrey O'Day, Frankie Grande and Ricky Norwood.

CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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