Ex On The Beach's 26 most WOW quotes from episode two: "My a** is twitching like a rabbit's nose"

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Warning: This article contains language and/or sexual references that younger readers are advised to avoid.

Ex On The Beach never disappoints when it comes to shocking, outrageous or downright funny soundbites from the guys and gals at the villa. Here's our pick of the 26 most 'wow' quotes from episode two.

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EOTB: Jordan worries Megan may arrive on show
23 August 2016


Jordan: "We both just want to get a f**king shag.

1. "I think she is the only girl who literally gives no f**ks when it comes to the girls. She's probably sucked his d*ck already if I'm honest with you."
Olivia on Kayleigh's date with Jem's ex Hawley

2. "If she's a boring f**k after this date then I'll sack her off in the old sin bin."
Bear on Chloe before their paddle boarding date

3. "Bear is the most annoying person I've ever met in my life. Grow the f**k up."
Chloe on Bear during that same date

4. "We both just want to get a f**king shag. And it will come. All in good time."
Jordan talking about him and Liam

5. "His shower gel is sh*t."
Jem hitting Hawley where it hurts

EOTB: Jem Lucy makes a confession about Scotty T to ex David Hawley
17 August


Jem: she doesn't like Hawley's shower gel.

6. "Chloe is basically up her own ass. She's not willing to get involved. I don't even know why she's here. She may as well jump on a plane and f**k on home."
Liam isn't a Chloe fan, then

7. "I've known Hawley a very long time. We have the same circle of friends. He got with my ex, why the f**k can't I get with his?"
Gaz's logic after sleeping with Hawley's ex Jem

8. "So, the first night Jemma and [Gaz] f**ked."
Kayleigh gently breaking the whole Jem-Gaz hook-up to Hawley

9. "Did I call Kayleigh a dog? Yes. But it was behind her back. She is not literally a dog. It's a passing comment. She's not my type. I should have just went, 'Kayleigh's not my type.' It would have been nice and smooth and I could have got in her knickers."
Bear's relationship after Chloe told Kayleigh he'd called her a dog

10. "If it's a lad, we'll feel f**king sorry for them. These girls won't even shake our hands let alone suck our d*cks."
Jordan's thoughts on the new arrival

EOTB: Bear talks about Chloe
23 August 2016


Bear: never afraid to stir.

11. "I'd rather jump off a cliff than spend another second with him."
Chloe's still not a Bear fan

12. "There is absolutely no future for me and Bear. I have more interest in my big toe."
Yep. Chloe is definitely not a Bear fan

13. "Everyone has banged every f**king bird in Newcastle."
We're pretty sure many will disagree with you, Gaz...

14. "I actually feel like I'm going to have a poo."
Jess's nerves ahead of the latest ex arrival

15. "If it's someone I just banged the only thing is, I hope I remember them."
Gaz at the beach waiting for the next ex

16. "I'm going to put poetry in motion and f**k her in the ocean."
Jordan's thoughts on new arrival Charlotte

EOTB: Hawley finds out about Jem Lucy and Gaz Beadle sleeping together
24 August


Gaz: he hopes he can remember everyone he has shagged.

17. "She has a great ass, great smile, she's fit as f**k and I can't wait to see her suck my d*ck."
Jordan continues to make plans for Charlotte...

18. "He only lasts three seconds anyway and didn't make me come once. Gaz made me come eight times."
Jem's declaration to Hawley in front of everyone

19. "My ass is twitching like a rabbit's nose as I think I'm out that back door."
Liam worrying that Bear will send him home

20. "Chloe is the instigator. She needs to f**k off so I can get laid."
Bear's anger at Chloe after she tells Kayleigh he called her a "dog"

21. "This place is full of desperate, pathetic little boys."
Chloe's leaving words as she's sent home

EOTB: Chloe is sent home by Bear
23 August 2016


Chloe: sent home after one episode.

22. "I have an army of angry women behind me and one of them I even got engaged to. Let's be fair, I'm f**ked."
Jordan musing on future exes at the beach

23. "What a melon head."
Tough talk from Jordan to Hawley

24. "Looks like there's fresh meat at the villa tonight. Hopefully this girl mixes it up, gets her t*ts out and has a laugh."
Liam's excited to see Charlotte

25. "Get your hat on, get on your broomstick and f**k off."
Bear says goodbye to Chloe

26. "Basically, I sent someone home and Jordan got beaten up. Unlucky."
Bear watching Jordan getting caught in the crossfire after he sent Chloe home

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